Save time transferring your portal enquiries, with our real estate CRM Save time transferring your portal enquiries, with our real estate CRM Save time transferring your portal enquiries, with our real estate CRM

Save time transferring your portal enquiries, with our real estate CRM
14 February 2019

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In Mediaelx we have designed a real estate CRM with a system of transfer of queries for all those real estate agents who wish to save time in transferring the information of a potential client to their control panel.

If you are working with real estate portals, such as Fotocasa, Idealist, Kyero, Right Move or Zoopla, our web development company in Costa Blanca has the best solution to improve your working day.

  • Transform potential customers into clients in one click. Our real estate portals transfer service is provided with a filter that will allow you to convert this query from a person interested in a new client, quickly: your name, telephone, mail, interested property, etc.
  • Check where the query of the property comes from. For all those real estate agents that collaborate with a wide list of portals, this tool will help you to know exactly the origin of the query. Also, once you convert the user into a client, you can have a record of all the queries you have received and where they have come from
  • Possibility of knowing if the client is already registered. If you receive a query from a client that is already registered in your database, our Real Estate CRM will indicate it to you, so you will only have to transfer the property that has caught your attention, without having to register again, at potential client

These are the main advantages that will help the real estate agent to streamline their day to day. Many agencies rely on consultations, so with our Real Estate CRM and your query transfer system, you can optimize your working day to the maximum. And the best thing about this service is that everything works automatically.

Register your new queries in a very complete client file

If you still do not know the services offered by our real estate web management system, we will let you know that you can register all your queries in a professional client file. A file to complete all the data of the potential client and also, to improve the relationship with it.

Besides being able to insert the main data of the client, we offer you the possibility to send a newsletter, schedule an appointment, know the current status of the client, have a tracking of changes, register of consulted properties ...

If you are interested in having a professional website with our real estate CRM, you can request an access to ourDEMO.

Do you want to know more information about our real estate portals transfer service?

If you have been struck by the benefits that you can acquire with our real estate portals transfer system, you can get more information about it. We provide you with our contact ways so you can choose the one that best suits you:

Tel. 966 222 989

Mail. Info@mediaelx.net

Dir. Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante)

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