How to write a good Property Description? How to write a good Property Description? How to write a good Property Description?

How to write a good Property Description?
4 April 2019

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Much of the workday of a real estate agent, is spent publishing new real estate. Many of them concentrate on including the characteristics of the property without taking into account the description of the property.

Mediaelx helps you write a good property file so you can attract new clients, generate more professionalism and better the web positioning of your properties

  • Get the attention of your customers

Write an attractive, legible description with no misspellings. If the customer appreciates an enriched text, not only the property will cause good sensations, but also your real estate.

  • Use the bold

Highlights the qualities of the property with the bold: meters of the house, pool, solarium, closeness to the sea, climate, surroundings (restaurants, golf courses, shopping centers ...). Everything you think that can attract the reader, point it out with the bold type.

  • Divide the description into different paragraphs and sections

Do not write the entire text in a single paragraph. The cumbersome things do not generate professionalism. If you manage to capture the user's attention, more time will remain on the page, so your SEO will also benefit. For the use of the sections, we recommend that you use the H2, H3, H4 ...

  • Describe the location of the property

In addition to talking about the qualities of the property, you can take the opportunity to comment on the characteristics of the city where the house is located. Discuss its distance from the sea, airport, average temperature, typical food, population ...

  • Use different keywords to improve web positioning

A good description of the property is composed of about 500 words. In them, you can combine different keywords to name your property. In this way, you will be working on the web positioning of your property.

Example: Property for sale in Moraira | Properties in Moraira | Buy property in Moraira ...

Do not forget the image section!

The best combination for a good description of the property card is its catalog of images. The photographs that you include must be of quality. Do not publish photos that are not very bright or that do not contribute anything, such as a photo of the property's toilet.

If you do not have many quality photos, you can complete the catalog with other attractive images: surroundings, beaches, golf ... Do not publish all the photos and reserve one in private images for the client to request more information.

Use as the main photograph, the most attractive and professional. . The most advisable thing is to publish a property where the garden, the pool, the views appear.

Another of Mediaelx's recommendations is that you publish only horizontal photographs; They adapt better to our websites and are more professional.

Any questions you need about a good description of the property card, you can consult us

If you need more information about the writing of a correct property card, do not hesitate to ask us.

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