Easter holidays: a new opportunity to attract new customers to your real estate Easter holidays: a new opportunity to attract new customers to your real estate

Easter holidays: a new opportunity to attract new customers to your real estate
15 April 2019

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Today, Monday, April 15, begins one of the most important festivities in Spain: Holy Week. These 7 days are a marked date for many tourists who decide to move to the province of Alicante to learn about this Spanish custom, at the same time, who enjoy the sea and the sun of the Costa Blanca.

International tourism is the activity that grows most in Spain at this time of year, along with that of summer. More and more foreigners are curious to be part of this Spanish custom. Andalusia is the community where Holy Week is most represented, but there are many provinces, such as Alicante, where there is also the same passion and feeling.

A high percentage of this foreign sector, go to different areas of the Costa Blanca to know its idiosyncrasies and enjoy its Mediterranean climate. These days, they serve many tourists to realize that this area of Spain is the place they need to celebrate their holidays or retirement.

Do you plan to close your real estate in Easter? We give you a solution

In Mediaelx we are aware that real estate companies often take advantage of these days to rest and enjoy a few days of vacation. But the reality is that Easter is a key opportunity to attract new customers.

Do you plan to close your real estate on these dates? Do not worry! From our website company for real estate we want to provide you with a recommendation so that you do not miss this propitious situation to increase new sales and you can also enjoy your holidays.

Imagine for a moment that a tourist walking along the street coincides with your real estate. If it is closed, it will not attract attention. But there is a way that that person ends up being aware of your agency:

  • At Mediaelx we suggest you take advantage of a large part of your agency's façade or counter to place different printing tabs of attractive and modern properties. Expose a detailed description with QR code so that the client can quickly access the web property, from his mobile device. In this way, the user can see more details of the house and if he wants to know more information, he will send you a query with his personal information (name, surname, phone number, email, etc.).

Easter holidays: a new opportunity to attract new customers to your real estate

If you perform this action, you can allow that tourist to stay for a while observing the different properties that are exposed and therefore, you will cause them to know the name of a real estate agency on the Costa Blanca that, until then, they did not know about.

If you need more help, Mediaelx offers it to you

From Mediaelx we hope this option is a great solution to attract new customers during Easter, whether you plan to open or close your real estate. If you need more help, get in touch with us.

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