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Why does your SME have a website and do not invest in digital advertising?

27 June 2019 | SEO / Web Positioning

A few days ago the newspaper El Confidencial published a story informing its readers of the loss of money that are having all those small and medium-sized companies in Spain that have a website and do not promote it on the Internet.

The reality of today is that if you own an SME and do not have a professional website, to begin with, you are lost in the workplace. But really, if you do not bet on your online business, how do you expect people to know the name of the company?

With the digital age already established in society, there are still businesses that refuse to adapt to technology . That today means a serious problem for the future of a company.

The Confidential Account states that 83.2% of SMEs in Spain have their own website, but only 20% sell on the Internet . To this data adds that only 28% of small and medium enterprises in our country, bet on investing in online advertising .

Why does your SME have a website and do not invest in digital advertising?

Ignorance of the benefits of digital advertising: the real problem that SMEs do not promote their business

The little confidence that the vast majority of companies have when it comes to investing in digital advertising is due to the real lack of knowledge of the benefits that this service can generate.

Internet competition is increasing because, according to the newspaper El Confidencial, 66% of Spaniards are looking for a product on the Internet. If your service is not advertised online, ask yourself, how do I intend to increase my economic benefits?

In addition to the competitive advantage , the news comments on the benefit in budget control , segmentation or the measurement of the effectiveness of the announcement . You decide how much money to invest and to whom to direct your products.

We invite you to read the rest of the news on their website: http://bit.ly/2YcXmd8

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