What language to use in the property descriptions? What language to use in the property descriptions? What language to use in the property descriptions?

What language to use in the property descriptions?
4 July 2019

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Many estate agents overlook one of the main keys to attracting a property: its description. Mediaelx helps you generate more attraction in your published homes, explaining the main writing tools.

  • Visual language.

He forgets to write the characteristics of a property in the same paragraph that is cumbersome and not readable. To improve the visualization of the description, use a thing as simple as dividing the text into paragraphs.

  • Simple language.

Each paragraph has to tell an idea. The most important thing about housing can be booked for the end. Every three paragraphs, it is advisable to use a title that discusses other aspects of the house to sell. For a simple language, you should avoid using abbreviations such as 'Chollo'. Use the you to address the reader.

  • Attractive language.

It would be the icing on the cake to a well written description. When you go to write, always think about exciting the reader with a persuasive and attractive language. Remember: the protagonist is not the house, but its benefits. The characteristics of the properties sells the emotion, not the other way around.

Your properties with optimized descriptions and well written, can help you improve your Internet positioning

Although it seems a complex and heavy task, describing your properties using an appropriate and well optimized language can help you to improve your visibility in the search engines.

When it comes to writing a description of a property it is important to always be thinking of the reader, but we can also complement it with some key words that help us improve the SEO of that property.

  • Combine an attractive title with the keyword to position (villa for sale in Moraira).
  • It uses different synonyms of keywords in the paragraphs (housing in Moraira, buy villa in Moraira ...).
  • Use internal links to address the main pages of your website (about us, contact, guides, areas, etc).

In Mediaelx we take care of helping our clients to improve the positioning of their properties on the Internet. Among the different services we offer in real estate SEO , is the optimizing properties.

If you want your properties to be prepared to improve your search engine visibility, you can count on our experience and professionalism.

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