7 tips to cause good feeling in the visits of your properties 7 tips to cause good feeling in the visits of your properties 7 tips to cause good feeling in the visits of your properties

7 tips to cause good feeling in the visits of your properties
17 July 2019

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One of the most anticipated moments for a person interested in a home is the day of the visit. The first impression is the aspect that helps a buyer to opt for one or another property. For this reason, from Mediaelx we want to provide our real estate clients with 7 useful recommendations to cause a good feeling to your clients or potential clients when visiting real estate.

  • 1. Success with the property to be displayed

Before arranging a visit with your client, analyze their tastes and needs to find the right home. If you think that the property will not match the personality of your potential buyer, discard it. It is preferable to have fewer visits and quality , to lose the day showing houses and nobody end up acquiring one.

  • 2. Master the qualities of the property

Avoid improvising in your presentations. Visit before the house quietly and find out all its features. Develop a script to have a route and order and document other aspects related to the property : construction materials, soil condition, surroundings, etc.

By mastering all the elements of the property, you can more easily report the advantages of buying such a house.

  • 3. It shows the best attention.

Always listen to the comments made by your visitor and always answer and respond with honesty and education. Show that you are interested in selling the house and that it is the best choice for your welfare.

If there is any aspect that does not cause a good feeling to the client, instead of telling him to solve it, take note of that aspect at the moment.

  • 4. Make sure the home is in good condition

Check that the property is ready to be visited: cleaning, order, operation of appliances, state of the furniture.

If the house you are going to sell belongs to another person and you have verified that there are damages, talk to them and solve them as soon as possible. It will be beneficial for both of you.

  • 5. Encourage the client to experiment with the property

A visit should become an exciting and fun experience. Allow your customers to be participants and to experiment with all the areas that make up the home.

  • 6. Be punctual

Do not start the visit again late. Fatal mistake. Once you schedule the time of stay, it is advisable to arrive well in advance to ventilate the house and check that everything is perfect to make the presentation.

  • 7. Show your appreciation after the visit

A good way to generate feedback with the prospective buyer is, for example, by sending an email showing your appreciation and suggesting an opinion of the property visited.

At Mediaelx we offer our clients real estate advice

In Mediaelx we care about all the real estate clients that have trusted us to create a professional website or position it on the Internet. In addition to providing tips like these, we take care of solving or recommending any aspect that improves your day to day.

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