Why are online customer reviews so important? Why are online customer reviews so important? Why are online customer reviews so important?

Why are online customer reviews so important?
26 September 2019

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Do you have a business and do not give importance to receiving online reviews from your customers? You should know that you are missing a great opportunity to improve the professionalism of your company on the Internet.

In 2018, a customer review survey was published to know the behavior of users when trusting a company or another. The results were devastating.

  • Consumers often read around 10 reviews to trust business.
  • 88% often rely on companies that have a large number of opinions.
  • 57% of consumers only trust a company if it has a minimum rating of 4 stars.

These results are from the past year and everything seems to indicate that statistics will continue to grow in 2019 . The slogan is clear: if a business wants to enhance its services on the Internet and does not work to obtain recommendations, it is losing the possibility of obtaining new interested customers.

Online competition between companies is getting higher and focusing on receiving reviews can help you differentiate yourself from the rest.

Where can you ask to leave us reviews online?

Facebook and Google My Business are the most popular and used platforms on the Internet. Thousands of companies have created their professional profile to offer their products, and at the same time know the opinion of their customers. Comments that, in the end, help new users to trust one company or another.

From Mediaelx we emphasize daily to our clients to invite theirs to leave reviews . For your users to write you reviews you can leave direct links through other publications or on the blogs of your professional website.

It is also important to always answer each comment; Be positive or negative . Answering a review with education and respect, other users will notice a serious and professional company image.

89% of consumers often read the answers , so answering the reviews is even more important for the future of your company.

Take advantage of your customers' reviews to boost your company's marketing

Receiving positive online comments will not only help your company to gain the trust of other customers. Highlighting some of your best reviews on your website or capturing the review and sharing it on your social networks you will be helping to improve the marketing of your business .

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