9 aspects that help qualify a real estate website as a professional page 9 aspects that help qualify a real estate website as a professional page 9 aspects that help qualify a real estate website as a professional page

9 aspects that help qualify a real estate website as a professional page
31 October 2019

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For real estate companies it is vital to have a place to offer their properties on the Internet. Few agencies do not have a real estate website today, but do they really consider your website a professional online site?

Here are 9 tips to keep in mind so that a real estate company has a great website:

  • Do not use presentations. Including animated presentations on your home page can cause despair in users. In addition, animations are not usually visible to Google, so it can be detrimental to web positioning . Try to take your customers where they really want to go, in the shortest possible time.
  • Do not shout in your titles. One of the aspects that the reader least tolerates is that you are shouting at him. To do this, stop using the capital letter and pay attention to possible grammar and spelling mistakes. If users see something they don't like in their writing, they will judge you negatively.
  • Goodbye to music. Do not use automatic audio playback on your website. The client can quickly leave your page for multiple reasons: musical tastes, stressful, interruption of other audios, etc.
  • Make sure they can contact you. Not only is it enough to make sure you have an exclusive page to contact the real estate. It is very important to provide the user with ease, inserting your phone and email in other areas of the web: header, footer , etc.
  • A modern search engine. Many real estate websites use search engines for old, short or very large properties. You have to have a middle ground and know your customers. Let them find the home they want easily and quickly.
  • Bad images = loss of potential customers. Give it the value that your homes deserve and work to offer a list of professional and bright images. An attractive photograph is worth a thousand potential customers.
  • Power usability. Many real estate companies fall into the error of offering a web page with an innovative design without thinking about the usability of their website. What good is having an attractive online site if users have difficulties in browsing?
  • Watch out for the frames. The frames on a web page lose their aesthetics and design and make navigation difficult for the user.
  • Direct contact forms. It is not advisable to put a form with a long list of fields to fill out. The less you have the user do, the more chance they will contact you.

Mediaelx develops real estate websites complying with these requirements and many more

As experts in the design and development of real estate websites, Mediaelx complies perfectly with the advice mentioned above. In addition, we take into account other aspects in real estate web development so that our clients can meet their objectives and offer the world a professional website.

If you think that your website is not complying with the requirements that prevent your real estate company from having a professional website , get in touch with us.

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