The real estate sector will face the coronavirus crisis with healthy accounts The real estate sector will face the coronavirus crisis with healthy accounts

The real estate sector will face the coronavirus crisis with healthy accounts
17 June 2020

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The Spanish real estate sector will be able to face the economic crisis derived from COVID 19 with fully healthy accounts. This has been confirmed by the newspaper El Economista in an interview with 42 managers of the real estate market. This is very positive news for real estate agents and that makes it clear that the sector has not borrowed as it did in the previous crisis of 2008.

At the same time, the newspaper suggests that despite the fact that the real estate sector has its accounts healthy, "they will not come out unscathed." A 40% drop in factors such as employment, purchasing power or buyer confidence is expected.

The new construction housing model will be the asset that suffers the least from the coronavirus crisis thanks to the large number of reservations and presales that are currently taking place. Rents will also gain prominence and help to strengthen prices without "falling in specific areas of the country."

Teleworking will continue to gain weight in the real estate sector

The State of Alarm in Spain has forced to adapt to new challenges and forms of production. Telecommuting will continue to grow in the real estate sector and will go from 4% to 10% -15% , according to El Economista .

This will mean that virtual visits will continue to be a power in real estate development and videoconference meetings will continue to be the connecting element between the real estate agency and the client.

With all this, the real estate sector is preparing to face a crisis that will affect the entire population and that it will be necessary to be physically, morally and economically prepared . Fortunately, real estate will be.

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