Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts

Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts
31 July 2020

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At Mediaelx we are always innovating our strategies to offer our real estate clients tools that facilitate their work, that is why we have designed an automatic PDF document generator that allows the download of corporate image files in different languages, regardless of the part of the world where you find.

The professionalism of the technical team of Mediaelx letsINMO and our specialization in the real estate sector make us indispensable if you want to expand your business in the international market. We invite you to meet our Real Estate CRM LetsInmo : it will impress you.

JT ESTATES INTERNATIONAL AGENCY , from whom we thank you for trusting in Mediaelx for the creation of your personalized website, needed a corporate website with specialized development. This real estate agency offers a very current business system: it has opted for an online business strategy regardless of physical presence, based on the premise that, currently, the majority of home searches are made from an online consultation support and not personally accessing an office. 

As a complement, JT ESTATES INTERNATIONAL AGENCY reinforces its service by offering the potential buyer a team of independent real estate advisers in the different countries in which it works, who have extensive experience in the sector and full knowledge of the areas in which they offer their properties.

Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts

The high demand in our work, the main factor to offer you the optimal result you require

With the premises that JT ESTATES INTERNATIONAL AGENCY presented to us, we developed a corporate software to allow it to operate quickly from different countries (At the moment, it has an international presence in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Russia).

Automatic document creation system

The international agents of JT ESTATES INTERNATIONAL AGENCY can access the control panel of the web and download, through an automatic document generation system, the following files:

  • Purchase proposal
  • Reservation of property - Arras Contract
  • Contracts - Sales and rental order
  • Confidentiality
  • Advisory Contract
  • Visiting sheet
  • Direct debit order
  • Sales and rental signage
  • Business cards

Once the agent clicks on the option that interests you, you can choose the language in which you want to generate the document (the website is enabled in four languages: French, Russian, English and Spanish). Quickly and easily you will have the document with the corporate design.

Property search by agent

People who have access to the private area of the web have the option of searching for properties by agent.

Multilingual website

At Mediaelx we leave the website enabled in several languages and fully prepared for the client to self-manage from the control panel, regardless of the country where they are.

Publication of properties on real estate portals

Mediaelx letsINMO has developed a professional and self-managed website that allows the client to access their private area to publish their properties on the most relevant international real estate portals: Fotocasa, Kyero, Luxury Estates, James Edition, Tranio, Le Figaro, Think Spain ...

Exporting properties by XML Feed

You can easily and intuitively export and import the properties you want, both to collaborators and to portals with XML Feed files and in all the languages you have on your website.

Automatic PDF document generator: saves time when making contracts

Contact us now and we will offer you the best option for your custom corporate website

Our experts will assess and advise you on the best initiatives to develop the personalized website that your business requires.

We invite you to take a look at the JT ESTATES INTERNACIONAL AGENCY website at the following link: https://jt-estates.com/ and check that:

  • It is a Mobile Friendly CRM because it adapts to all devices
  • its handling is simple and intuitive
  • its loading speed is excellent

To contact us we offer you several options. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you:

  • Email: info@mediaelx.net
  • Telephones: +34 966 222 989 | +34 966 161 282
  • Fill in the contact form that you will find on our website

In addition, you can follow us on the social networks that you like the most:

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