5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter 5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter 5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter

5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter
2 September 2020

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To be able to retain new customers, it is essential to have an effective strategy. In your CRM you have an essential functionality within online real estate marketing: the Newsletter. This tool will help you achieve the expected results in your business.

To get the most out of this function, we offer you 5 recommendations that will be very useful when you are going to write and publish a Newsletter. Also, if you want to know the steps to send a Newsletter and carry out these tips, visit the following post on our blog:


5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter

Tip 1: Arouse the curiosity of your readers

The newsletter must include exclusively that information that interests the user to whom it is addressed . It is very likely that showing other products that do not interest the reader will cause them to reject and not finish reading the article. If you want to attract the attention of your customers and open your email, we recommend:

  • Do not repeat the title in different Newsletters
  • Do not insist sending the same properties

Tip 2: Create an attractive Newsletter.

For this we suggest:

  • Title:
    • An original title that encourages the user to open your email
  • Text:
    • Prepare a short text that provokes closeness
  • Number of properties:
    • Although there is no limit of properties, we recommend you not to make a newsletter saturated with properties. Select around three properties prioritizing that they are relevant to the reader.
  • Properties 'hook':
    • To choose attractive properties for the client, choose the parameters that most interest him: swimming pool, views, good price , location, etc.
  • Photographs:
    • The properties you choose must have quality photos. The main photo must be striking and representative of the home so that the client feels the need to click on it.
  • Price of the properties.
    • It is advisable that you do not send properties with prices above the market value, as it would give a bad impression to potential buyers
  • Extra information:
    • If you wish, in addition to commercial information, you can add a link to a post on your blog, in which you provide additional information to your homes: the areas where the properties are located, the services they offer, distance to golf courses or beaches… These reviews are highly valued by potential buyers.

5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter

Tip 3: Perform a language targeting of your customers

To make your Newsletter interesting, it is essential to segment your list of clients to differentiate them based on their interests, their language, their profile, ... You should not send the same Newsletter to your entire user registry , since it will surely cause an adverse effect and , in many cases it will appear as spam (junk mail). In addition, if a client receives information in another language, a type of house that does not interest him or in a location that is not the one he wants, he will not read your newsletter and, probably, no longer want to receive more notifications from your real estate agency, giving low.

A subscriber who receives a Newsletter in their native language and about a property that fits their profile, will feel that you provide them with the personalized attention they want and you will be able to make them your client .

With our real estate CRM you can easily segment your list of clients based on their language.

Tip 4: Perform a segmentation by interests of your customers

Send your clients only the properties that are located in the area that interests them: town, on the beachfront, next to a golf course ... and offer them additional information on those issues that are relevant to them such as: distance to airports, mortgages in Spain, hospitals, contracting health insurance ...

Tip 5: Regular sending of Newsletters

Another fundamental aspect is the sending of newsletters on a regular basis. From Mediaelx we advise you not to send more than one weekly or fortnightly newsletter so that your contacts do not feel pressured by the large volume of information. In addition, it is very convenient that you diversify the topics and do not talk exclusively about properties. You can insert interesting information for the client that will help you to retain them. For example:

  • Fundamental characteristics of the areas where you have your properties
  • Updated information on aspects related to buying a home in Spain
  • The best beaches, the best golf courses ...
  • Family plans, with your partner, with children in ...
  • Airline promotions

Newsletter planning

We recommend that you plan your newsletters to control the content that may be more interesting to publish at all times. A calendar will be very useful where you can schedule the news taking into account the time of year, since your clients will have different interests: beaches in summer, golf courses in sunny winter, shopping areas at Christmas, outdoor sports and leisure in spring ...

5 tips for writing the perfect newsletter

With our personalized CRM you will carry out an excellent management of the sending of your newsletters

At Mediaelx LetsINMO we design your professional website totally personalized and adapted to your needs. In the Control Panel we include some functionalities that you can use very easily.

  • Test shipments

With our real estate CRM you can carry out a simple test test to check the final result of your Newsletter. To do this, you have the option of sending it to yourself before sending it to your clients, allowing you to modify possible errors.

  • Day and time program

When analyzing the results of the Newsletter you will see which moment is the most favorable for sending the newsletters. You can change the delivery schedule to the days you consider most appropriate. Programming the day and time of delivery will be very useful during your holidays, since it will allow you not to abandon your customers. On the other hand, if you have observed that the weekend is the time when your clients prefer to read your mail, with our Newsletter delivery scheduling system you will send them outside of business hours.

We hope these “tricks” help you in writing a good newsletter. By following these recommendations, the client will be attracted to your reading and, as they find it interesting, you are much more likely to choose your real estate agency to carry out their operations.

If you want to expand your information about our personalized real estate CRM, contact us.

  • Sending an email to info@mediaelx.net
  • Calling the phones: +34 966 222 989 | +34 966 161 282

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