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Do you spend a lot of time answering the queries received from the real estate portals where you publish your properties?

10 September 2020 | News

With Mediaelx's "Portal Consultations" functionality, there are advantages to everything

Save time by adding a new tool to your CRM, with which you can quickly manage the leads you receive from all the portals. When you use it, you will see that it makes your daily work easier and more dynamic.

Centralise all queries in your CRM
Are you tired of accessing all the control panels of the different real estate portals where you publish your properties on a daily basis to check if you have received queries from potential clients?

With our functionality "Portal Queries", in a very simple, intuitive way and in a short period of time, you can manage and answer all the queries you receive from different real estate portals (Right Move,Idealista,Fotocasa, Kyero, Zoopla, Think Spain, Todo Pisos Alicante, etc.). The leads are unified in your CRM where, in addition, you receive them in real time. With this tool you optimize the results of your work in a shorter space of time.


  • Almost automatic system
  • Turn your lead into a customer in one click
  • Saves time
  • Improves customer service
  • Dumping of queries in the CRM
  • Tracking system for leads / consultations
  • Automatic newsletter with similar properties

Do you spend a lot of time answering the queries received from the real estate portals where you publish your properties?

Turn your query into a lead in one click

With our system for managing queries from real estate portals in your CRM, with just one click you can turn a lead into a client, registering their details quickly.

The system indicates you if it is an already registered user or a new one. In this case, it offers you the option to auto-generate a file with their data.

It also gives you the option to complete this registration manually by adding the information provided by the customer. In a very simple way you will generate a database of your clients which you will easily access from the Menu of your Control Panel.

Automatic responses with similar properties

With this functionality, Mediaelx also offers you the possibility of sending weekly automatic emails with similar properties based on the client's search criteria, as well as sending an autoresponder email, where the subject and message you have previously inserted will be auto-generated and the properties you choose that match their profile. In this way your potential buyer will feel satisfied with the fast and personalized management with which you have solved his query and, surely, he will trust your real estate agency passing from potential client to buyer.

If you want to save time in your work and achieve better results, contact Mediaelx

With the automatic transfer of leads from real estate portals to your CRM, you will optimize your work. Contact us if you want more information about this tool of your real estate software and offer your clients a professional service using the latest techniques.

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