How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM

How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM
10 December 2020

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The location is one of the aspects that most influence the purchase decision. If you are a real estate agent and you sell properties in Costa Blanca North, on your real estate page you must provide reliable information about the area, city, town or province where they are located.

As it is not the same to offer a property in Calpe with its sea landscapes and gigantic cliffs than a villa surrounded by mountains in Pedreguer, it is essential to establish a search order .

If you don't have enough time to manage your properties, at Mediaelx LetsINMO we have designed a friendly Control Panel to alleviate the multiple tasks of the real estate agent . With the help of our Real Estate CRM , you will be able to map your properties saving time and effort. It is as simple as following these steps:

How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM

Add City or Area

✅ Access the category " Location "

✅ 4 levels of location to complete: Country - Province / Coast - City - Zone

Important : To add a zone, it is necessary to go through the three previous levels: Country - Province / Coast - City. For example, to include a very specific area of Elche as "Carrús", you must first complete: Spain - Alicante / Costa Blanca - Elche.

✅ Press the "Add" button to include the specific area

✅ Write the zone you want to add and insert it

How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM

Map Cities

If you import properties from other collaborators , it is essential that you map the cities or areas that you have previously created to avoid duplication.

✅ Main Menu à " Map Cities "

Imagine that you have just imported a property in Elche from a collaborator. In the internal Control Panel the name of the Elche town will appear repeated: Spain - Alicante - Elche (own) and Spain - Alicante Costa Blanca South - Elche (collaborator). You will have to map the populations cataloged as secondary so that the main population is shown:

✅ Select which of the populations is the main and which are the secondary

✅ Click on the green icon "Edit" in "Alicante (Costa Blanca South)

✅ Scroll to “Map as” and insert the named town as the main

✅ Click on "Update"

How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM

Map Zones

It is very similar to mapping cities:

✅ Access the category "Map Zones / Areas" from the menu

✅ The panel will show the specific areas of the chosen population

✅ Map all zones choosing one as main

For example: Imagine that the main area is Elche and you want the Carrús neighborhood to appear in the search filter. In that case, you have to:

✅ Go to the "Carrús" quadrant and click on the green "Edit" button

✅ Scroll to "Map as" and add the main area (Elche)

✅ Click on "Update"

Do you import properties from other collaborators? Keys for optimal management of property types

A client interested in "buying houses for sale in Elche" will go to your property search engine to filter by area and type of property . If you want to include a specific type of home, you should go to the main menu and click on "Types". You will be shown a complete list of the types of properties stored in your database:

How to map your properties easily with our Real Estate CRM

To add a type of property , click on "Add" and give the property a name (Ex: "Apartment for sale in Torrevieja"). As with the locations, if you import homes from other real estate agents, you will also have to map them so that it is correctly reflected on the web.

Imagine that you have created “Apartment” as a property type, but your collaborators name it as “Apartment for sale or bungalow”. If you choose "Apartment" as the main type and the rest as secondary, you will have to:

✅ Click on the green edit button for each type of secondary property

✅ Map each property that you have named as secondary

If you want to benefit from our property management system, contact us today

Focus your work as a real estate agent on what really matters: offering a better service to your clients . Our Real Estate CRM is designed to facilitate the day-to-day life of real estate agents and improve the quality of their services through a very practical kit of functionalities .

From a single tool, you can export your homes to the main real estate portals, schedule tasks to map properties . If you want to take control of your real estate website, we encourage you to get in touch with our team:

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