At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites! At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites! At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!
15 January 2021

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At Mediaelx we stand out for being a professional real estate CRM and web design company, but not all of our clients are real estate. Our versatility and great adaptability allows us to cover other sectors that also deserve a space in the digital world.

No website can resist us! Companies such as English World Center , Macool , We Buy Your Motorcycle or RAC Alarm have relied on the professionalism of our team for the design of their corporate website. To this list of non-real estate clients, Cyclogical now joins , a bicycle shop in Ciudad Quesada dedicated to the sale, rental and repair of high-level bicycles. In addition, it offers an extensive catalog of clothing and accessories related to this exciting sport.

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

Faced with an increasingly digital consumer, Cyclogical has not been able to choose a better time to raise its virtual blind and make itself known to a greater number of interested consumers. After careful design work , it is now a reality: we have created a clean, modern website with a strong presence of visual content.

Will you accompany us to browse its pages? Look at the aesthetics, the arrangement of the elements and the perfect balance between text and image . It will help you get inspired to improve the design of your website.

The importance of a good web design for your page

Websites are the best showcase for any business. With an attractive design and consistent with the philosophy of the company , users are much more likely to spend more time browsing the web. When you first land on the Cyclogical website, you are seduced by the smoothness of its design and the visual games on a white background .

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

Did you know that it takes only 3 seconds for the user to decide whether to leave your website?

Seeing the frenetic pace with which users browse the Internet (sliding with their finger, going from one page to another or scrolling with the mouse), at Mediaelx we focus our efforts on creating original and high-quality designs . In this sense, Cyclogical today can breathe easy to overcome the barrier of 3 seconds, since it meets all the requirements:

1. Satisfactory browsing experience

Every time users visit the Cyclogical page, they enjoy quick and easy navigation , and they also interact with the content naturally. Everything flows! When designing a web page, we must take into account different technical and visual aspects to please users and push them, little by little, to conversion.

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

How does Cyclogical manage to generate good experiences for its customers?

  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Clear and legible information
  • Usability
  • Logical Web Architecture
  • Buttons with calls to action : "View All Categories", "More Info", "Contact Now!"

2. Optimal loading speed

If consumers visit a website with slow loading, they will not hesitate to go back and continue their search elsewhere. In Cyclogical the optimization of the images has been worked very well so that the slowdown of the load is not affected.

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

3. Information and organized structure

A good web architecture not only helps improve the user experience, but also helps Google better crawl your page and position it in the first results. To do this, you will have to look at:

  • Header, logo, menu, footer, etc.
  • Use of H1, H2, H3 ...
  • Legible fonts
  • Correct use of spaces
  • Balance in the density of texts

Cyclogical has successfully completed this Checklist!

At Mediaelx we design all kinds of corporate websites!

4. Responsive Design / Mobile Version

Today, the majority of Google searches are done from mobile devices . Therefore, it is also important that your website adapts to the different screens: smartphones , tablets, computers, etc. This website, like all the ones we design at Mediaelx, is 100% Mobile First.

Do you want to renew the web design of your company? We inform you how to do it

Every day thousands of users search for companies like yours. Take the opportunity to present yourself to your clients as a professional, safe and reliable company. At Mediaelx we can help you create a modern website, with an attractive design and compatible with new technologies . We dare with all kinds of websites!: English schools, bicycle shops, security companies ...

If your website is out of date and needs a makeover, ask our web design company for help. You can find us at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante). If you prefer, you can also call us or send us a message:

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