Do you want to increase sales in other countries? This is the most profitable strategy for your real estate agency Do you want to increase sales in other countries? This is the most profitable strategy for your real estate agency Do you want to increase sales in other countries? This is the most profitable strategy for your real estate agency

Do you want to increase sales in other countries? This is the most profitable strategy for your real estate agency
12 March 2021

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Are you thinking of opening up new markets and starting to sell your properties to foreign buyers? In this post we will tell you how to make your business strategy profitable to attract clients from other countries with the lowest possible budget .

Expanding your real estate to the international market is one of the most important and necessary decisions for your business to scale and have more sales opportunities. How to face this challenge? Right now, there are two possible options: on the one hand, the traditional channel through limited real estate events and fairs, and on the other, the digital model with virtual open days and remote guided tours. Which one will bring you more leads for each euro invested?

Our internationalization consultancy will help you understand which are the strategies that will provide the best results to make your real estate profitable. Let's see it with a practical example:

Option A: Real estate fairs (lower return on investment)

Imagine that you want to make your properties known to the Swedish market and you are going to go with your sales team to a real estate fair in Sweden for 3 days. Apart from the drawbacks of social distance and reduced capacity, have you calculated how much it would really cost to promote yourself as an exhibitor at a real estate fair?

Let's do some calculations ...

  • Plane tickets
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Displacements
  • Subsistence allowance
  • Translate services
  • Promotional actions: reservation and assembly of stands, flyers, guides, gifts and advertising materials, multimedia content, etc.
  • Etc.

In total, the expenses would amount to + 30,000 euros to obtain an average of 2 or 3 property reservations.

Option B: Virtual Open House (the most profitable)

With the current health situation, face-to-face events are subject to changes in the calendar and dates that are increasingly delayed . Real estate agents cannot afford another stop along the way and need to get results fast and possibly cheaper.

This is where virtual Open Houses come into play, a novel alternative that is gaining strength in the Real Estate world and that is giving results in those real estate companies that want to internationalize their properties due to its immense benefits:

✅ savings in travel costs.

✅ Greater comfort and autonomy when organizing your own virtual events.

✅ The return on investment is higher : for a budget much lower than that of the fair, you could get many more leads .

✅ 100% compliant with sanitary standards .

✅ It does not require a large investment : you only need a mobile device, a good Internet connection and promote yourself on the Internet with online marketing campaigns, email marketing or Google Ads and advertising on social networks.

To attract leads interested in the visit, it is not enough to upload a publication on social networks with the date or property to be promoted. At Mediaelx Digital Agency we have the keys to organize a successful open house visit with a lower investment than a real estate fair in Sweden. Our digital strategies are based on ...

➡ Make your event visible to a greater number of international clients

➡ Bring more visitors and interested parties to your virtual meeting

➡ Increase your database with quality leads

➡ Integrate automatic translations through CRM Mediaelx

➡ Work patterns and tips to face virtual visits more naturally

By following all these indications from our digital consultants (and many more!), You will get a greater reach, more inquiries from interested international clients and a valuable database of real leads .

Mediaelx Digital Agency: online consultants for real estate agencies that need to migrate to digital models

If you want to scale to new markets and take advantage of new sales opportunities , at Mediaelx we can advise you and implement all digital strategies so that your real estate agency has a strong presence abroad .

I'm interested! Book now a free consultation with our advisor and start working on the internationalization of your properties :

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  • Email: info@mediaelx.net
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