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Does your website not comply with the new cookie policy? Apply the changes in time with Mediaelx before you are penalised

17 March 2021 | News

If you have a website with the old version of cookies, you could be violating data protection law without knowing it. As of October 31, 2020, the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) applied a change in the treatment of European cookies, which is mandatory for all websites : online stores, corporate websites, online catalog pages (such as real estate), etc.

The implementation of the 2020 cookie law implies an important modification in the notice and consent of cookies , and that is intended to offer the user clear and express information about the processing of their data. You will understand it much better with this simple example:

❌ Before (Old Version) :

The user only had the option of clicking on "Accept" / "Continue" / "Continue browsing" , which meant that they accepted all cookies on the web without prior knowledge of how their personal data was handled, and without the possibility of knowing what cookies were to be installed. By creating confusion in the user, the European Data Protection Committee (CEPD) decided to invalidate this form of consent and replace it with another.

If you just realized that your website offers this formula, don't panic! You are in time to legalize your digital company before the undesirable penalty arrives. At Mediaelx we install banners adapted to current cookie regulations in order to ensure the security and legality of your online business.

✅ Now (Updated Version) :

The standardized use of the "continue browsing" button is prohibited. The user must express their explicit consent to accept all or part of the cookies . To do this, it will be necessary to offer clear and concise information about the cookies to be installed.

With this new model, the user will have the possibility to personalize or configure the cookies that they want to be registered through the "Personalize cookies" button, and therefore, they can accept only the cookies they want.

What happens if you don't update the cookie policy on your website? How will Brexit affect the European GDPR?

A poor implementation of cookies on your website can be very expensive . Failure to comply with the current European cookie law can lead to financial offenses of up to € 30,000 in the mildest cases and € 600,000 in the most serious cases . Vueling, Amazon, Iberia, Google… are some of the companies that have suffered the consequences and have learned the lesson: updating on time is always a victory.

The good news is that your real estate website has not been late to the change, but if you let it slip for a long time, then it may be too late to regret it ... If you wish, our team of programmers and web developers can update your cookies on time in accordance with the RGPD and LSSI legislation so that you do not have to be thinking about possible sanctions that take away your sleep.

Does your website not comply with the new cookie policy? Apply the changes in time with Mediaelx before you are penalised

UK case: Brexit and GDPR

The departure of the United Kingdom from the EU raises a new panorama within the framework of the RGPD law: it is now considered “ third countries ”. However, the UK continues to this day with the EU GDPR (now called UK GDPR) as binding law , pending agreements and negotiations.

Our online consultants specialized in real estate follow Brexit news very closely and can inform you more widely about new developments, recommendations and strategic actions to adapt your business to the situation as soon as possible.

From Mediaelx we help you comply with the new cookie regulations with validated banners or pop-ups

If after reading this post, you have discovered that your website uses cookies without the user's consent, put an immediate solution. You have already seen that having an old cookie installation or an incorrect consent banner can play a trick on you .

Still don't know if your website is up to date with the new cookie law? Through a digital consultancy with Mediaelx Digital Agency, you can get out of doubt and make smart decisions.

Our clients rest easy knowing that their digital company strictly complies with the new European Cookies Policy. If you also want to avoid being penalized, now is the time to update your cookies here , in Mediaelx:

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