How to improve the lead management of your real estate agency: CRM Lets INMO and automatic systems How to improve the lead management of your real estate agency: CRM Lets INMO and automatic systems How to improve the lead management of your real estate agency: CRM Lets INMO and automatic systems

How to improve the lead management of your real estate agency: CRM Lets INMO and automatic systems
28 May 2021

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Not so long ago, home acquisition was mostly focused on word of mouth, picking up phone calls, or wandering the streets of the area looking for potential sellers willing to put your property in the hands of the local realtor.

With digitization everything has changed: now we can get a large number of leads through real estate portals, Google advertising, social networks, search engine optimization, email marketing , etc. Today, there are several ways to attract clients to your real estate online, but the problem comes later: what do we do next with all those generated leads? Most real estate agents respond following the same pattern:

 "I don't have time."

 “There are many leads; I don't know how to manage them all at once ”.

 "I do not receive notifications of customer inquiries."

 “The database is out of order; it's chaos ”.

To solve this type of situation, Mediaelx CRM tools are very useful. They allow you to automate the management of your leads effectively . In other words, based on automatic newsletter systems and automated processes, your leads will continue to advance in the sales funnel: attraction, conversion, closure and loyalty.

Our digital consultants specialized in real estate can help you integrate this new way of working in your business so that no leads can resist you during the process.

What to do with the generated leads? Educate them with Mediaelx CRM automations

We are wrong to focus all efforts on attracting leads, ignoring the path they have to travel before becoming customers. What is the use of investing in attracting leads if they are not profitable afterwards?

There are functionalities such as those of Mediaelx that are intended to automate the management of leads to turn them into real customers without sacrificing us:

✅ Dumping of leads from the real estate website and portals almost automatically to the CRM .

✅ Quick response system .

✅ Automatic shipments with houses .

✅ Monthly shipments with information of interest to the buyer .

✅ Call notifications, calendar, tasks, etc.

Think that each lead is a possible owner interested in selling their property with your real estate agency in the next days, weeks or months. Therefore, it is not interesting to lose them so easily. With Mediaelx's automatic system you will not only capture quality leads but you will also be able to connect, improve relationships, close contracts / sales and retain them . All procedures in one place: CRM Mediaelx - Lets INMO.

While you put lead management on autopilot , you can spend your time on property visits, administrative tasks, meetings, etc. knowing that you could soon receive calls from owners as a result of your good management.

Start now to automate lead management with Mediaelx

If you already have an important database of leads, don't make the mistake of neglecting them. The hardest thing is not getting more leads, but knowing what to do with them . Make use of automatic functionalities such as those of Mediaelx that help you get the most out of your leads, thus increasing the chances that they will become real customers.

Would you like to implement these automatic processes in your real estate to improve the management of your leads? At Mediaelx we have an online consulting service for real estate companies that need a guide to start or continue growing in the new digital era. If this is your moment, do not hesitate to contact us:

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