Satisfy your clients with sending queries with similar properties Satisfy your clients with sending queries with similar properties Satisfy your clients with sending queries with similar properties

Satisfy your clients with sending queries with similar properties
20 June 2018

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Would you like to satisfy all the customers interested in one of your homes? Mediaelx, your company expert in web pages for real estate, helps you to facilitate the sale of your property with its system of sending queries with similar properties.

In many cases, the user who accesses your website and fills out the form of the property to which he would be interested in knowing more details, is often lost due to lack of communication between client and company. For that long period of time that passes until the user receives the property information (even sometimes does not get it), that potential future owner ends up going to another real estate agency.

In Mediaelx we do not want you as a real estate agent, that happens to you. Therefore, this system of sending queries together with similar houses, will help you to cheer up your customers, so that later that satisfaction is reflected in a sale.


Advantages of hiring this service on your real estate websites

To help you understand how our company real estate websites can get to positively influence your customers through this service, we provide the main advantages that will receive all those interested in one of your properties:

    • First, when a user completes the form of the property that wants to receive more information and gives it to 'Request', a pop-up with a confirmation message and some properties with similar characteristics will pop up immediately. With just one click, the user can have properties of their interest. So it will not leave the web.

  • Secondly, the interested party will also receive, at once, an email (to the email provided) with another list of properties that bear similarities to the property accessed on the web. In this way, the information of the property is stored in your mail, along with the main data of the agency. Thanks to this, the client will be able to communicate with the agency in a simpler way.
  • Third, the client will receive interest from the agency, by receiving a message in the same mail informing him that in a short period of time, he will respond to any observation he has written on the form.
  •  The real estate agent will be able to achieve a qualified traffic on your website since your future client is browsing real estate properties. Homes that you have previously consulted and will later end up buying, probably.

If you want to hire this service, get in touch with our company of real estate websites

If you want your customers to receive this type of query with similar properties, do not hesitate to contact our company for real estate websites.

Mediaelx invites you to come and meet us in person at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibañez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante). For more contact forms: call us at 966 222 989 or send us an email to info@mediaelx.net.

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