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Have you received an email from a stranger with an attachment? BEWARE: it could be a virus!

21 July 2021 | News

If in the last few days you have received an email that you did not expect and it also contains an attachment, DO NOT OPEN IT! It could be a very dangerous virus. It is becoming more and more difficult to detect these types of malicious emails since they have been perfected in order to make anyone hesitate and fall into the trap of being read.

Before, misspellings or bad translations were a clear indication that an email was false, now we must look at other aspects.

How to know if an email is malicious or not?

  • Doubt any email that contains an attachment and especially if they are .rar, .zip, .tar files
  • Check that the email matches the company or person it claims to be
  • Apply common sense: be suspicious of an email that has nothing to do with your industry.

Have you received an email from a stranger with an attachment? BEWARE: it could be a virus!

What to do if you receive a suspicious email?

If you receive an email from someone you don't know and it has a compressed file or similar , take the necessary precautions:

  • Do not open the file under any circumstances
  • Let your team know as soon as possible
  • Do not reply to the email
  • Delete it instantly

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