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Digitalisation is revolutionising the real estate sector, requiring highly innovative professional websites, such as TUCANSELL and ESPAÑA4YOU

14 January 2022 | News

At Mediaelx LetsInmo we are specialized in creating professional websites for fully customized real estate agencies , as is the case withEspaña4you and TUCANSELL . From here we want to express our gratitude to these two companies for having placed their trust in us to innovate their brand and offer their clients a very attractive and easy-to-use website .

For Spain4you we have designed an accessible and very intuitive professional website that allows the user a comfortable navigation regardless of the device used . This family business, which offers a totally personalized treatment to its clients, has focused its business on the French-speaking European buyer and its main objective is to manage all matters related to the sale of the property so that its clients do not have to worry about anything. .

The priority on the TUCANSELL website was to highlight its innovative commission system for plans for the sale of properties . It is aimed at the type of client who is handled with certain ease in the computer media and who wants to keep control of the sale of his property in addition to saving a significant amount in real estate agent fees.

The evolution from traditional real estate to the most innovative systems of today's real estate agency can be seen mainly on the company's website. Social networks and new technologies replace face-to-face contact, which is relegated exclusively to the last stages of the sale and purchase operation. In this scenario, the great relevance of the website in the real estate business is clear, since it is the window through which your potential clients look out and through which they observe your professionalism.

Why choose Mediaelx LetsInmo to create your professional website?

Mediaelx LetsInmo is the digital experience creator you need to carry out the comprehensive transformation of your brand. We put our long experience in real estate software at your service and we offer you our post-sale web consulting service : you will receive expert advice that will allow you to solve all your doubts to get the maximum benefit from the management of your new website. Our real estate CRM offers a good user experience since it is characterized by:

  • Mobile Friendly CRM that adapts to all platforms
  • Self-managed website with intuitive icons
  • Very easy to use features that will save you a lot of time
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Web adapted to the standards required by Google to achieve a good positioning
  • Sending Newsletters from the CRM in different languages

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Do like TUCANSELL and ESPAÑA4YOU and contact us. Tell us how you want your professional website to be. We will develop a corporate website that meets all quality standards and includes specific sections depending on your needs.

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