Importance of the SSL certificate on websites Importance of the SSL certificate on websites Importance of the SSL certificate on websites

Importance of the SSL certificate on websites
7 June 2018

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It is less than a month before Google launches what it announced a little more than a month ago regarding the websites without HTTPS. Since then, the importance that the SSL certificate has acquired on websites is even greater. If you do not know what the consequences of your page will be, if you do not have that certificate, Mediaelx puts you in the position:


  • When the month of July is completed, Google will announce to all users interested in your website that your website is unsafe. Through a warning, your customers or potential customers will know that it is not advisable to browse your website.
  • If you are betting to position your web page in the main search engines, Google will penalize your website in full, causing negative results in your SEO.
  • If your company is an online store or web page that draws from the sales of customers over the Internet, it will be severely affected. Your users do not trust to deposit their private data in a place that Google has warned them that it is not safe to do so. By not having an SSL certificate, you will notice a decrease in customers, which will lead to losses.

Are you looking for a company that adds SSL certificate to websites?

If after reading the consequences that your website may acquire without HTTPS, you need a company that adds the SSL certificate to websites, Mediaelx is your answer. One is on time that what was said above is not fulfilled. Avoid that your customers may feel uncomfortable when browsing your page and trust in the professionalism and seriousness of Mediaelx.

Our programming team will include the HTTPS protocol, so that Google can recommend your website to the rest of the surfers. Possessing a web page with SSL certificate, your clients will not have to worry about providing their private information. In the same way, your SEO will also be affected, but for the better. You can keep betting to appear among the first list of Google.


Contact Mediaelx for more information about the SSL certificate on websites

If you need more information about the importance of the SSL certificate on websites, please contact Mediaelx. You can contact us through:


  • Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Street, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante)
  • Tel. 966 222 989
  • Mai. info@mediaelx.net

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