SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends

SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends
3 August 2023

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The stage was set, curious minds and eyes wide open. The Mediaelx SEO team had the privilege of attending SEO Plus 2023, the largest and most influential professional SEO event in Spain, held on July 28th at VB Spaces (Alicante). A unique and enriching experience, where we could learn from some of the best SEO professionals in Spain, discover the latest innovations and trends in web positioning, and connect with other passionate professionals from the digital world.

 SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends

SEO Plus 2023: A Space for Innovation and Learning

At Mediaelx, we always aim to be at the forefront of the latest SEO techniques and strategies. And what better opportunity to do so than by attending SEO Plus 2023, an event that brought together SEO specialists who delivered insightful lectures on key topics such as:

  • Strategic Content: Keyword repetition in content remains relevant. Ensuring the inclusion of the main keyword in different parts of the content, without excessive overuse, can enhance visibility on search engines.
  • Keywords + Localization: Using keywords that include specific locations can help highlight properties for sale in specific areas, generating more relevant traffic.
  • Header Structure: Incorporating headers (H1, H2, H3) in content not only organizes information for readers but also assists search engines in understanding content hierarchy and relevance.
  • Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions influence the impression search results give. Crafting persuasive and relevant meta information can increase click-through rates and traffic to your website.
  • Image Optimization: Adding Alternative Text (ALT) to images not only improves accessibility but also provides an additional opportunity to include related keywords.
  • Keeping the Blog Updated: Maintaining an active blog with fresh and relevant content is an excellent way to showcase your expertise and keep visitors engaged.
  • Link Strategy: Including keyword-rich links in the footer can help strengthen your website's authority and relevance.
  • Etc.

 SEO Plus 2023: Diving into the Latest SEO Trends

See you at the next edition!

During an intensive day, our SEO team absorbed valuable information, taking home a load of inspiration and learning that will undoubtedly benefit our clients. SEO Plus 2023 reminded us that learning is an endless journey. From Mediaelx, we want to thank the organizers for making this event possible. We look forward to attending the next edition. See you soon!

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