We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate

We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate
8 January 2024

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Do you know what's best about our work? Clients who become friends. Today we want to celebrate over 15 years of relationship with Vincent Real Estate, a well-established and recognized real estate agency in Costa Blanca, and one of our oldest and most loyal clients.

We have been collaborating with Vincent Real Estate since January 2006, when we designed their first website. Since then, they continue to trust us to boost every aspect of their digital presence: website redesigns, CRM, marketing, advertising, and SEO strategies. They are one of those clients who not only come for one project and leave but stay, grow, and evolve.

We want to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude, especially to Mark Vincent and Jordan Vincent. They are exceptional individuals, professionals, have extensive knowledge of the sector, and above all, they are trustworthy people.

Discover how our enduring relationship with Vincent and expert strategies in CRM, marketing, and SEO have strengthened our alliance and boosted their real estate business.

The challenge of migrating ZOHO CRM data to our real estate CRM

Now, let's talk about challenges. While every project brings its own challenges, the data import from ZOHO CRM for Vincent Real Estate has been a significant one.

It required detailed and coordinated work between both teams. The outcome was successful, and Vincent Real Estate had no issues managing all their properties, clients, and schedules from our CRM, tailored to their needs and preferences.

We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate

Web Transformation: The Digital Evolution of Vincent Real Estate

Regarding their website, we can say it has it all: a modern and attractive design, intuitive and fast navigation, an advanced and customizable search engine, an extensive and updated property catalog, a blog with interesting content, a private area for clients and owners, and much more. All of this optimized for search engines and mobile devices, thanks to our responsive design and SEO work.

The Vincent Real Estate website is a modern and functional platform that allows clients to find their dream home. It includes all necessary features, such as advanced filters, a gallery of photos and videos, and an informative blog, ensuring a good user experience.

Over the years, we have made periodic redesigns to update and refresh their digital image, ensuring it aligns with the latest trends and technologies. This adaptability and commitment to innovation have been crucial to keeping Vincent Real Estate at the forefront of their sector in Costa Blanca.

Marketing and SEO Strategies: Vincent's Key to Dominating Searches

Vincent Real Estate's marketing strategy is focused on lead generation and creating sales opportunities. This customer-centric approach has been the cornerstone for generating real and sustainable opportunities over time.

Our SEO work and content generation have allowed the company to rank among the top positions on Google for relevant keywords: “Estate Agents in Benijofar”, “Real Estate Agents in Benijofar”, “Estate Agent Benijofar”, “Properties for sale in Benijofar”, etc.

We celebrate over 15 years of collaboration with Vincent Real Estate

This prominent presence in search results is not a coincidence but the result of continuous and prolonged optimization over time. The outcome of these integrated strategies has also translated into a significant increase in web traffic, thus increasing the likelihood of conversion.


Thank You for 17 Years of Trust in Our Real Estate CRM, Marketing, and SEO

We are very proud of the strong relationship we have built with Vincent Real Estate. We consider Vincent an exceptional client, and we are committed to continuing working with them to help them achieve their goals.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for these wonderful 17 years of trust in our CRM, marketing, and SEO! We look forward to continuing hand in hand for many more years.

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