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On Internet Day we talk about the importance of accessing a secure website

17 May 2018 |

Every May 17, Spain together with other countries of the world, celebrate the Internet Day. Today is a day to remember all the development that this means of communication has suffered, to inform about new techniques of use and above all, to warn of the importance of accessing a secure website.

More and more hackers are taking advantage of the growth of the Internet to benefit themselves. In Mediaelx we want to help all the users who usually surf the net and all the clients that have a web page without HTTPS certificates.

Many people have been involved in a scam case for having navigated an unsafe website. The most current event is called Phishing. It is the best known cyber risk in recent years, where the attacker gets access to the user's banking data through different actions:

  • Through SMS or WhatsApp: discounts, offers, promotions ...
  • Telephone call: surveys, forms ...
  • Email. It is the most common scam among the "pisher". They pretend to be a bank, requesting an update of information through a link. At the moment of clicking on the link, the victim has already deposited all their information without realizing it.

Convert your secure website before the month of July

To avoid cases such as those mentioned above, Google will penalize all websites that do not have the SSL certificate. This fact will help all users to navigate and provide their data reliably. All the information will be encrypted.

In this way, if your website does not have HTTPS, Mediaelx helps you to convert your secure website. In addition to generating confidence to your customers, Google will not warn its users that your page is unreliable.

If you want to know more information about this news, click on the following link:


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