Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management! Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management! Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management!

Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management!
28 May 2024

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Do you frequently import and export properties? Do you spend hours manually filling in data and lose valuable information in the process? Many real estate agents get frustrated with importing and exporting their properties due to the lack of detail and limitations of standard systems.

At Mediaelx, we are aware of these challenges, and that’s why we have created the Extended Mediaelx XML (XML-M), a new import and export tool that allows you to exponentially expand the information you include in your XML feeds.

Imagine being able to share every last detail of your properties with just one click. With XML-M, importing and exporting real estate information becomes a smooth, precise, and complete process.

Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management!

Improve your XML importer and exporter by working with Mediaelx XML

Do you feel that traditional property import and export systems limit you? XML-M uses a more comprehensive data format than the standard XML, allowing you to include much more information in your XML feeds.

This system helps you enhance collaboration with other agencies and work with XML feeds more intelligently in your daily activities.

With XML-M, you can forget about common issues such as:

  • Limited information in your listings.
  • Wasting time manually filling in data.
  • Challenges collaborating with other real estate agencies.
  • Poor web positioning.
  • Slow sales due to lack of clear information.

What does XML-M offer you? 5 advantages you should know

1. More information, more opportunities

Share complete and detailed data for each property, including costs, 360º videos, custom tags, agency commissions, distances to points of interest, floor plans, year of construction, energy certificate, type of kitchen, orientation, condition, delivery date, and much more.


2. Save time and effort

Don’t waste hours manually filling in data anymore. XML-M allows you to import and export information quickly and easily, freeing up your time to focus on what really matters: selling properties.


3. More contacts from your website, more sales

With complete and attractive information in your real estate listings, you will attract more potential clients and generate more leads, which translates into more sales and higher revenues.

4. Faster sales

Include the agency commission from the beginning to streamline the sales process and avoid confusion in the future.


5. Smooth collaboration

Facilitate communication and information exchange with other real estate agencies, allowing you to work as a team more efficiently and effectively.

Kyero Standard XML vs Extended Mediaelx XML

The Mediaelx XML offers you the most complete solution in property export and import. If you don’t believe it, compare everything the Mediaelx XML allows you to import or export with the little that the Kyero standard allows.

Mediaelx Extended XML: Revolutionizing Property Management!

Do you want to start enjoying the Extended Mediaelx XML? Contact us today

Don’t be left with any doubts! Contact Mediaelx today and discover how easy it is to add and work with the Extended Mediaelx XML.

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