Do not you know the features of our new real estate software in Elche yet? Do not you know the features of our new real estate software in Elche yet?

Do not you know the features of our new real estate software in Elche yet?
23 May 2018

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Mediaelx has already launched its new real estate software in Elche that will allow all real estate sales to streamline their daily work life. The new real estate CRM brings with it numerous improvements and new features that will help our clients to achieve their objectives.

One of the main functionalities that our webpage company has incorporated in Elche has been the responsive version in its management system. If the version adapted for mobile devices was already running on the Mediaelx websites, now the new real estate software is also 100% for smartphones and tablets.

This new version that Mediaelx has developed has been created with our customers expressly in mind. We are aware that most real estate agents usually work outside their offices. And so that they can manage their website, from anywhere, we have designed a real estate CRM for mobile devices.

If you are a professional who usually travels cities, capturing new properties, with our responsive software you can register homes at the moment and update information or states of others.


With our real estate software in Elche, we improve the customer-company relationship

Another of the tasks that Mediaelx has introduced in its new real estate software in Elche has been to improve the relationship between the client and the company. To do this, our real estate CRM has a series of systems available that will help keep your customers satisfied.

On the one hand, you can send properties to all those who have shown interest in your website, either by registering from or by consulting properties on portals, such as Kyero or rightmove. Depending on the user's priorities, you can send them at the moment to list of possible homes that would interest them.

On the other hand, you can schedule appointments or calls with clients in your control panel to better structure your day to day. In addition, our new real estate CRM in Elche also gives you the possibility to improve communication with your employees. With the option of 'Tasks', you can know the tasks that you have to do or what your teammates have to do.


Discover the rest of the features of our new real estate software in Elche

If you want to know the rest of the utilities that our new real estate software incorporates, to which you can add in your web page, get in touch with us. Our office is waiting for you at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante).

If you want to contact us by landline or email, please note:

  • 966 222 989/966 161 282
  • info@mediaelx.net

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