Centralize the characteristics of your property in our real estate CRM in Elche Centralize the characteristics of your property in our real estate CRM in Elche

Centralize the characteristics of your property in our real estate CRM in Elche
30 April 2018

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At Mediaelx we are aware that the daily work of a real estate agent can be overwhelming. In order to facilitate the day to day to all the professionals in charge of the sale of real estate, our company offers you its real estate CRM in Elche.

With this tool, you can centralize all the characteristics of your property in one place. With this administration system, you will be able to manage all the homes you have for sale and update details or information about it, in order to make the customer easier access to your purchase.

With our personalized CRM you will have available a database where you can find out the number of queries that customers have made in any of your properties. You will be able to maintain a more direct and close contact with your clients and potentials.


What more qualities does our Real Estate CRM offer in Elche?

There are many qualities or features offered by our real estate CRM in Elche. Our intention when developing professional and personalized websites is none other than to facilitate working life for all our customers.

In this way, to continue helping all the real estate agents, our property management program will allow you to import and export homes with your collaborators, as well as make your homes known through our Newstletter system.

An important section also of our real estate CRM is SEO. From the control panel you can, from posting entries to better position your website, to share your properties in different social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn...)

Do you want to know more information about our real estate CRM in Elche?

If you have noticed the different tasks you can perform using our real estate CRM in Elche, but still want to get more information about our service, you can contact us by:

  • Visiting our web development and positioning company, located at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante)
  • Calling any of the following numbers by phone: 966 222 989 | 966 161 282
  • By sending an email to our email: info@mediaelx.net.

Recently, we have modified our customer service hours. So, you can enter here and find out when you can contact Medielx.

To know more details of our property management system, you can enter the following link and access all the information: https://english.mediaelx.net/web-pages/real-estate-website/


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