Our web design company in Elche creates webs adapted to any mobile device Our web design company in Elche creates webs adapted to any mobile device

Our web design company in Elche creates webs adapted to any mobile device
21 March 2018

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Currently, more and more people access the network from their mobile devices, so the number of visits to web pages from these devices is growing steadily year after year, and in certain sectors, already exceeds the visits that come from the computers. From our web design company in Elche, we are working to offer the perfect visualization of your business in the different mobile devices.

For this reason, it is necessary to change the way in which web pages are designed and programmed in order to adapt to the current panorama. This is how the new web trend is born: Mobile First.


What is Mobile First 2018? Our Web Design Company in Elche tells you

Mobile First is a new trend that changes the way you design your web pages, which thinks first of all on mobile devices. The importance that usability is acquiring in different mobile media, has caused that is changing the way of designing web pages to make browsing from the mobile, a simple and comfortable process.

If until now, the user was used to having his page designed with desktop devices (known as desktop), the technique is changing in reverse. From now on, your web page must be designed first for smartphone or tablet and later for your desktop computer.

This trend is reinforced after the latest updates from Google, which has decided to penalize this 2018 to those websites that do not adapt to mobile devices and offer a good user experience. Thanks to Mediaelx, your expert in web design in Elche, you already know the importance that Google is giving to the new versions of websites, for the different technological devices.


Are you looking for a great Web Design Company in Elche? Contact us

If you are interested in getting an optimal web page design in Elche, Mediaelx helps you optimize your business on different mobile devices. From our company, we want to convey the importance of adapting the web pages to the different technological devices. If you want your customers to be able to access your company from a smartphone or tablet, you can contact us by:

  • Telephone number: 966 222 989/966 161 282
  • Email: info@mediaelx.net.
  • Address: Calle Vicente Blasco Ibañez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante)

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