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Sell Online with Mediaelx, your expert company in creation of virtual stores in Elche

16 May 2018 |

Do you want to sell your products online? Are you looking for an expert company in the creation of virtual stores in Elche? If so, in Mediaelx you can start to market your articles on the Internet.

Mediaelx has extensive experience in the field of online sales and creation of e-commerce (online stores). Our professional work is based on personalization and custom design of the client. If you have the illusion of creating your company online, you only have to communicate your ideas and our qualified employees will be responsible for developing that thought.


With our creation of virtual stores in Elche, you can have a product catalog at the same time

With our virtual store creation company in Elche, you can enjoy an online store and a personalized product catalog at the same time. With this tool, your customers can get in touch with your company, from the same product that your client has accessed. Using a form, your items can be sold more easily.

With our catalog, customers who register to your website can benefit from exclusive information about articles, offers, news ... It is a good way to encourage the regular customer, so that, in some way, you feel that your business cares about him and you do not want to let it lose.

The Internet gives you the possibility to publicize your products on many platforms, such as social networks. Our development of online stores in Elche gives you the possibility to directly share your products on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus ...

With our system of creation of virtual pages in Elche you will be able to manage all your products from a personalized control panel. Mediaelx will provide everything you need to make it as comfortable as possible, manage your new online store.

Do you want to know more advantages of having a virtual store, with its respective catalog of products? Click on the following link: https://english.mediaelx.net/web-pages/catalogue-websites/


What other benefits can you access by betting on our company to create virtual stores in Elche?

There are many benefits that your online business can acquire if you choose to trust our company to create virtual stores in Elche. One of them, for example, is receiving payments. Your customers can have several possibilities of payment to purchase their products: Paypal, transfer, counter-reimbursement, etc.

Another advantage of our online store development is the possibility of selling your genre anywhere in the world, and at any time of the day. This will allow you to expand your customer traffic field to increase the possibilities of sale. No matter the focus of your business, all people, regardless of their nationality, can buy your products without taking into account the time of day.


Do you know how you can contact your future company to create virtual stores in Elche?

If you want to get more information about our company to create virtual stores in Elche, you can do three things:

  • Come and visit our office in Calle Vicente Blasco Ibañez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante) and get more details of your future online store.
  • Call us for any questions to our number: 966 222 989
  • Send us an email to info@mediaelx.net.

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