3 recommendations from our Community Manager to manage Facebook 3 recommendations from our Community Manager to manage Facebook

3 recommendations from our Community Manager to manage Facebook
7 February 2018

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In this new news, we continue to help improve the performance of your business. This time we give you the recommendations to use Facebook for companies. Social networks are a perfect tool for attraction and conversion. However, in order to reach that point, you will have to comply with the following tips that our Comunnity Manager in Elche makes it easier to start being more active in this social network:

  • Create a company page and not a profile

It is a basic but fundamental aspect when it comes to managing your page. You do not have to create different profiles to manage your page. From your Facebook user account you can either create it or manage it. In addition, you can delegate administration functions to other profiles so that more than one account can manage your company page. In that sense, our Community Manager in Elche could build a new page, giving you access to the client for supervision, but facilitating all the creation and follow-up work.


  • Interact with your followers

A good tool to let us know and improve our performance, is the possibility that social networks give us, in this case Facebook, to be able to interact with our followers. Get to know your client well and have him do it for you too. Whether positive or negative opinions (complaints), the fact of granting a good educational treatment is synonymous with good business. If for personal or work reasons, the client could not be in constant feedback with his followers, our Community Manager in Elche would be responsible for answering all the questions so that our account will increase in user experience.


  • Publish when your followers are connected

In order for our publications to reach more people, it is important to know the time and day that our followers are connected. Studies indicate that the best day of the week to upload content to Facebook are Wednesdays, although it may vary according to the type of business. To know exhaustedly when your 'followers' are connected, you have to go to the "statistics" section. Our Community Manager in Elche would work to know the details, the competition and the connectivity schedule so that our page could obtain more followers.


Let yourself be helped by our expert Community Manager in Elche

These are some of the many steps that you have to follow carefully to get a good Facebook page. If you think you will find it very difficult to fulfill all these tips, let the professionals help you. From Mediaelx we offer the services of management and planning of social networks (Comunnity Manager) to be able to facilitate you in the creation and monitoring of your page on Facebook.


Contact Mediaelx, meet our Community Manager in Elche and create your Facebook page

If you want Mediaelx to create your Facebook page and help you make your company a little more known, get in touch with us. You can come and meet us in person at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, in Elche.

If you wish to communicate with us by phone or by mail, you can call us at 966 222 989 or send us an email to info@mediaelx.net.

 Our Community Manager in Elche awaits you!

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