6 elements that professional websites in Elche should have 6 elements that professional websites in Elche should have 6 elements that professional websites in Elche should have

6 elements that professional websites in Elche should have
10 January 2018

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If you are thinking of creating a web page for your business or your company already has it but you do not know if it is well designed, our company of professional websites in Elche gives you the main bases that every corporate website should have.


1. Simple domain

The domain of your web page is that link that will identify your website. For this reason, the name you designate your portal should be short (one to three words), easy to remember and be associated with the name of the company. With this, customers can visit your website as many times as they want, promoting (at the same time) your business online.


2. Fixed sections

The fixed sections are the main sections that make up our professional websites in Elche. In them should appear:

  • The 'Home'. It is the main page of our website, and therefore we must take special care with its design. A striking and well explained home will increase the traffic of our page and therefore, it will help to position our website better. This reason does not mean that we saturate the page with much content. You have to be clear and concise.
  • 'About us'. In this section we explain the composition of our company and what is our main specialty. The text has to be of quality because it has to call the attention to the new customer.
  • 'Our products / Our services'. In this section we have to comment on what our business offers its clients. As the corporate web pages serve to inform what we want to offer, it is important that all our services are present and, in addition, they are updated.
  • 'Blog'. In the blog of our website we will include the news or news of our company. We can name the section as best suits us. There are sections called 'news', other' news' and others simply with the name of 'Blog. What is important is that this section is not neglected and that there is always updated content.
  • 'Contact'. The fixed section of 'contact', as its name properly indicates, we must add all the communication channels of our company: address, telephone, form, email, social networks, map, etc. Remember to always change the information that has been outdated.

3. Good images

The images that we add in our professional websites in Elche have to be professional photographs that are without pixilation, without deformation and that have good quality. Many of the navigators are more captured by the images than by the content itself. For this reason, all illustrations must be eye-catching.


4. Link to your social networks

We have previously indicated that in the 'contact' section you must enter the link to our social profiles. However, not only does it have to be seen in that section, but it must be included in the main page and, in addition, it must be easy to view for the client. The logos is a good tool for creating links between our portal and our social network.


5. Possibility of subscribing to the Newsletter

The newsletter is a newsletter that we can send, every certain period of time, to our clients where we inform about the latest news or promotions of our company. That our website contains a section or a notice that indicates that the customer can subscribe, will help us to loyalty or conversion of our customers.
For more information on this point, click on this link:


6. Optimized design for mobiles and tablets

More and more users are accessing web pages from their mobile device. Therefore it is important that our website is adapted to mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, since last year Google penalizes those websites that are not optimized for these types of devices. If you want to increase your positioning statistics, do not forget to create a design for mobile phones and tablets. The professional websites in Elche that we design are integrated with a version for mobile devices.


Mediaelx works more elements to design professional websites in Elche

We have named 6 elements that all professional websites in Elche have to have. However, there are many more steps for the perfect development of a web page; and Mediaelx carries them out.
If you think it is complicated to be aware of all these primordial tips that your website must possess, Mediaelx helps you to obtain the web portal you want. Our staff of professionals will be responsible for including all the elements that will make your future web, an attractive and optimized page.


Come and meet your experts in professional websites in Elche

If you want Mediaelx to provide your services, you just have to get in touch with our experts in professional websites in Elche. We are waiting for you at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, Elche (Alicante). If you want to call us to make a previous appointment, you can do so by dialing 966 222 989/966 161 282.
Also, you can write us an email to info@mediaelx.net and ask any questions you have about our offerings. Our team will respond to you in the shortest possible time.

Until next time!

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