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3 basic requirements for search engine positioning

22 February 2018 |

Web positioning is a technique that is constantly updated. Google has decided for this 2018 to penalize those websites that do not have a correct adaptation for any mobile device. For this reason, our experts in search engine positioning in Elche explain the three main requirements that your website must meet if you want to appear among the first Google searches.

1. Responsive design

The responsive or adaptive web design looks for the perfect visualization in the different mobile devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops ... It is one of the most important techniques for your website to be correctly classified on the Internet. In Mediaelx, all our professional web pages are adapted to mobile versions so that later, increase your search engine positioning in Elche.


2. Load speed

Having a well-designed web page is not the only objective to have a correct optimization in our mobile supports. We have to ensure that users do not have to wait for our pages to load. A quick navigation and a visualization of our contents without loss of quality will help to retain our customers and convert potentials. Mediaelx works every day so that all our customers have a website with a well optimized loading speed so as to be able to increase user experience.


3. Content optimized for mobile devices

Mobile devices have become a new way of life for people. Nowadays, all users carry their phone or tablet with them everywhere. Next, we are going to indicate to you some of the many techniques that our experts in SEO use so that the contents of your mobile devices are optimized and prepared to be in the first search lists.

  • We publish quality and attractive content. It does not matter the estimated time that the user is browsing. We only think about nourishing and adapting your website with valuable elements.
  • We include buttons to link to social networks. A good tool to have an optimized website, is to be able to facilitate the customers to share in their social profiles the contents that appear on our device. In addition, if the publications generate attraction, we will increase the traffic to our web portal.
  • We publish optimized images of high quality.


Your professional in Search Engine Positioning in Elche can help you optimize your web page

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, Mediaelx is made up of professionals in search engine positioning in Elche, prepared and in charge of helping you to adapt your website in different mobile devices. If you are looking for a SEO professional to position your website, contact us.


How can I contact experts in Search Engine Positioning in Elche?

If you want your website to be perfectly adapted to the different mobile media, Mediaelx helps you to achieve your goals. You can find your professional in search engine positioning in Elche, at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58.
If you want to contact us by phone and ask us any questions about our services, call us at 966 222 989 | 966 161 282. In the same way, you can communicate with us by email. Write to info@mediaelx.net.
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