Your SEO Agency in Elche reveals the positioning news for 2018 Your SEO Agency in Elche reveals the positioning news for 2018

Your SEO Agency in Elche reveals the positioning news for 2018
24 January 2018

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With the entry of a new year, web positioning (SEO) continues to update and increase its importance in search engines. In this way, your SEO agency in Elche explains the next news of the Positioning Web for this year 2018, and gives you some tips that you have to follow so that your website is well positioned on the Internet.


2 Recommendations that your SEO Agency in Elche tells you to follow


   1. Google Panda basics

Panda is a filter in the Google ranking algorithm that has been updated to separate those web pages with duplicate, unrealistic and low quality content. It is a kind of penalty that Google uses to benefit SEO in those who do meet those requirements. For our SEO agency in Elche it is vital that a web page is without duplicate documents. Therefore, we work daily to avoid this problem.


  • 1.1. Recommendations
  • Your page must have useful and attractive content for the user.
  • There is no extension limit. You have to stick to what the main topic of your content asks you to include.
  • Do not publish content copied from other websites. You can write it, as long as you give it your own point of view.
  • There are pages with less relevant content that we are interested in positioning, such as 'privacy policy' or 'legal note'. Therefore, we must block them so that they do not index the user's search.

As an SEO Agency in Elche that we are, we are in charge of fulfilling strictly you are indications so that your website is updated to the news of the web positioning.


  • 1.2. Make sure your website complies with the correct canons

Canonization is a way of telling search engines which page should be catalogued as the standard version when several URLs contain practically the same content. The main purpose is to prevent your web page from containing duplicate content, so that you are not penalized when positioning your website.

Mediaelx always uses this technique when we have two pages with the same content and we want Google not to penalize us. For this, we indicate which the main page is and which the secondary one is.


    2. Improve the user experience

Generating a positive perception to the user during the course of his navigation on our website, is a good sign that our portal is well structured and optimized. But what does your SEO Agency in Elche advise you to do to increase the experience of the navigator?


  • 2.1. Increase the loading speed of your web page

For your website to have a good loading speed between page and page, you have to avoid factors, such as: publishing large images (not compressing or optimizing them), using an inappropriate server, high-volume multimedia content, etc.

In Mediaelx we take care of optimizing all the necessary parameters to get our web pages to load the content quickly.


  • 2.2. Keep your page more secure with the HTTPS protocol

Since in 2017, Google named as non-secure websites that used the HTTP protocol has already become a main reason for the use of HTTPS. A model that will make our website more secure to prevent external users from stealing information from us. In addition, all websites that use this type of protocol will better position those that use HTTP.


Meet all these requirements and if you cannot, contact your SEO Agency in Elche

There are many more novelties offered by the new SEO. At Mediaelx we are constantly on the alert to be able to acquire all the web positioning updates.

It is very important that you make sure you comply with all these points so that your website is better positioned this year 2018. If you consider that, for work or personal reasons, you can not guarantee the use of all these aspects, Mediaelx offers its services SEO agency in Elche so that your website is among the first Google searches. How can you contact us? :

  • Visit our office in Elche, at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 (Alicante)
  • Call us at 966 222 989/966 161 282
  • When sending an email to the email info@mediaelx.net.

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