The Newsletter, an indispensable tool of Digital Marketing The Newsletter, an indispensable tool of Digital Marketing

The Newsletter, an indispensable tool of Digital Marketing
29 November 2017

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At Mediaelx we value the relationship between the client and the company. For there to be a good connection between both, there must be a communication that is good and fluid. For this reason, our team of digital marketing in Alicante offers you 4 keys so that they can carry out a good newsletter and thus prevent their recipients from losing interest in receiving continuous information about the news of their company.


What is the newsletter?

The newsletter does not stop being an informative bulletin by which, your clients have to register previously to receive, periodically, news about your products or offers. It is not about mass mailings by mail, but an indispensable tool to build customer loyalty and draw attention to users interested in your gender. From our section of digital marketing in Alicante we think that a vital requirement that every professional web page must contain when a new website is created or redesigned.

Once explained its functionality, we give you the 4 keys to make a good newsletter:

  • Use a good design

The design of your newsletter is another important point to make a good newsletter. If you think about your own design, you will differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition and increase your chances of loyalty.

From Mediaelx we want you to only worry about getting a hook that attracts the reader and making a selection of interesting products for users. Our digital marketing in Alicante team is responsible for designing and creating a professional newsletter and also, we assure you that you will comply with the Official Data Protection Act (LOPD) and that your domain will not end up in the so-called "Black Lists". Mediaelx works with an external expert shipping service.


  • Be brief, clear and concise

For the client to be interested in our emails it is important that the content is brief, clear and concise. To do this, make an exhausted summary of the events that you are going to carry out so that the user does not close the mail before finishing it. The information that appears in the message must be included in our website. Offering links to our website is another key to making a good newsletter.


  • Include pop-ups on your websites (pop-ups)

Another recommendation is to include pop-ups on your websites so that the client can see a registration notice on the home page. The use of banners is a good tool to capture the attention of the new user. At Mediaelx we have designed a newsletter where pop-ups can appear within 10 seconds of entering the website or clicking on any search.


  • Measure the results well

To know if our newsletter is being useful, you have to analyze the results from the control panel. A platform that we recommend from our section of digital marketing in Alicante is Mailchimp. It will help you to know exactly which contents have been more successful and which have had more clicks. The control panel of our website contains the possibility of sending newsletters, which can be managed through Mailchimp
Mediaelx puts at your disposal a statistics system where you can obtain important information about:

  • The number of people who have opened your newsletter
  • The times you have clicked (click) on our links
  • The most successful products have had
  • Subscribers who have interacted most

If you meet these requirements, the changes will come alone

These 4 keys are some of the main recommendations that you have to fulfill if you want to make a good newsletter. Our experts in digital marketing in Alicante advise you to follow these guidelines that will make your website a constant attraction. Never forget that the most important relationship between the client and the company is the good relationship between the two. If you offer your clients attractive and updated content, you will end up converting them into fixed customers.


Our digital marketing in Alicante team helps you to retain your customers

Mediaelx offers you the services of creating newsletters to help you in the loyalty of your clients. If you need more information about the use of the newsletter, Mediaelx helps you convert your web pages into potential ones. Visit us at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, send us an email to info@mediaelx.net or you can also call us at 966 222 989. Do not forget to never worry about your customers, we do it for you.


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