Details also matter in electronic commerce. Details also matter in electronic commerce.

Details also matter in electronic commerce.
12 May 2014

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Small details make the difference and are essential if you want to convey a good image to your customers, and if you want to aspire to achieve good consumer’s loyalty.

The importance of the small details is something that can make the difference in the traditional selling process, but also in e-commerce. In this case, we do not have the option of dealing face to face with potential buyers, thereby providing little details to thank their trust is very important.

An example of this would be the recently experienced by one of our team members, who relied on a small firm of Indianapolis (USA) to buy a wooden frame made by hand for his smartphone, called Carved. It was a very small purchase, but the team of Carved showed a great attention and appreciation for it.

Along with the purchased product, our friend found a nice thank you card. The card images showed Carved team members developing the product and the following message: “Your support keeps small businesses like ours alive. We couldn’t do it without you and we are very thankful for your business”.

At the back of the card our friend found a message asking to leave a comment about the product on their website or contact them to pass it. This is a clear prove of interest in assessing the degree of customer satisfaction. Also, another thank you message was handwritten on the invoice, completing their high level of interest and appreciation for the buyer.

In short, we wanted to share with you this magnificent example of attention to detail and how you can create a good brand image by small actions.

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