Koci3, After and Before. Koci3, After and Before.

Koci3, After and Before.
20 May 2014

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The redesign of the new website of Koci3 represents one of our most recent cases of success. At Mediaelx Web Design our team is particularly proud of having carried out the renovation of this website.

Koci3 is a company located in Benijófar and whose activity is focused on the manufacture of kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, cabinets, as well as the supply of kitchen appliances. Its star service is integral equipment for kitchens, manufacturing furniture and providing all necessary appliances.

Koci3 had a corporate website made years ago by Mediaelx Web Design, and they have maintained their confidence on us to implement the redesign of it. As usual, the level of commitment of our team has been the highest in order to get the best possible result.

Specifically, a more elegant combination of colours from the previous has been implemented, from a predominance of yellow to a careful combination of dark red, gray and white. Our design department have used the highest quality images, which show the visitor the high level of design that have the products of Koci3. At the same time, a structural reorganization of its major sections and product catalogue has been applied too, which has resulted in a more simple and intuitive navigation.

Koci3 has chosen to incorporate to the new website our SEO service to improve the visibility of the website on the Internet. In this regard, we have implemented a large number of actions to achieve the desired results in terms of web optimization.

One of the most important aspects of the new web is its strategically designed network of internal links, which are mainly aimed at offer a comfortable navigation and quick access to products from its catalogue.

In short, the combination of visual and structural elements of the website has resulted in a perfect combination of sophistication, modernity and functionality.

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