Mediaelx welcomes Neoempleo, a new web portal design in Elche  Mediaelx welcomes Neoempleo, a new web portal design in Elche  Mediaelx welcomes Neoempleo, a new web portal design in Elche

Mediaelx welcomes Neoempleo, a new web portal design in Elche
7 March 2018

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Mediaelx can already welcome the new web portal of employment in Elche: Neoempleo. A modern and exclusive web portal in Elche to find a job or to find a worker. Neoempleo is a serious and professional intermediary between company-employee and vice versa. A place where you will find what you are looking for. In short, a new opportunity to meet the objectives and desires of those people who are specialists in their work sector.


Mediaelx has been responsible for the design to MEASURE of this web portal in Elche

Neoempleo has been a project designed and created to measure. Mediaelx has been in charge of designing this web portal in Elche from scratch so that the client obtains exclusivity and differentiation with the other web portals of employment. From the first contact we made with Neoempleo, we offered a personalized service. In this way, if you enter the Neoempleo portal you will be able to see the work that our web design experts have done, according to the specifications of our client.
We have designed a modern and attractive website. The predominant colour is blue, which symbolizes tranquillity and confidence. One of the main features of the Neoempleo portal is the exclusive treatment that the user or company receives through their private areas. On the one hand, if you are a candidate for the job search, you will have the possibility to register as a specific user in that area. Once the interested party is discharged, Neoempleo Human Resources professionals will contact him to help him formalize the application (CV preparation, job interview preparation ...) so that it increases in this way the possibilities of acceptance.
On the other hand, Neoempleo has also wanted to help companies that want to increase their workforce. For this, the personalized area that this web portal has in Elche allows obtaining the perfect employee for the job, in less than 60 working days. Neoempleo will be responsible for publishing the offers on its website and social networks. He will personally interview the candidate to verify that he or she matches the profile the company is looking for and will send a comprehensive report with the selected list.


What other aspects has Mediaelx worked with when designing this Web Portal in Elche?

Another of the important works that Mediaelx has done in Neoempleo has been the Responsive adaptation (responsive design) in the different mobile devices. Although it has been a laborious and complex project, our company has been able to create an elegant and modern web portal, adjusted both for desktop computers and for the rest of technological devices: Smartphone, Tablets, laptops...
Thanks to this implementation, the Neoempleo website will strengthen its usability and loading speed, generating at the same time, an increase in user experience.


If you want to have your own design for a Web Portal in Elche, contact us

If you are looking for a company that can create from scratch and tailored your portal or web page, rely on the professionalism of Mediaelx, your web portal design expert in Elche.
If you want to contact us, you can come to visit our office in Elche (Alicante), located at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58. You can call us at 966 222 989 or 966 161 282. If you prefer to get in touch with Mediaelx by mail, you can write us an email to info@mediaelx.net.

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