How to export your Properties in an easy and simple way to prian.ru How to export your Properties in an easy and simple way to prian.ru How to export your Properties in an easy and simple way to prian.ru

How to export your Properties in an easy and simple way to prian.ru
8 June 2016

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It’s difficult to imagine a real estate agent without Internet presence. Not only is necessary to have a professional website, but also to provide visibility to your properties, for example, by exporting them to international reference portals. Today we will speak about PRIAN.RU.

Exportar propiedades a prian.ru - portal lider Rusia

With almost 170,000 properties (at the time of writing) spread over 50 countries, PRIAN.RU represents the most important real estate portal in Russia.

Your properties direct to Russia (with love XD)

Do you speak Russian? Don’t worry, right now that is not the matter ;)

What it is relevant is that Russia is a market with a great potential, and it’s an excellent opportunity that should not be missed. Spain is one of the first choices of the Russian people and their reference real estate portal is prian.ru.

A fantastic climate all year around, golf & resorts, gorgeous beaches and the nice Mediterranean diet are some of the reasons that put Spain among the favourite countries of the Russian public. Specifically, the Costa Blanca is one of their preferences, together with the Costa Daurada, Costa del Sol and the Costa del Maresme.

Exporting to PRIAN.RU with only one click

As part of our Real Estate CRM we have the management properties section. From there, we will be able to manage any issue related to a property:

  • Edit title/description
  • Add photos, videos, files…
  • Edit or check its availability
  • View private data
  • Add tags
  • Optimize meta tags (SEO)

But the most important for us today is the one called “Export XML”. Thanks to it, we will be able to export any property added to our system in an easy and simple way.

Have a look at the next screenshot:

CRM inmobiliaria para exportar propiedades a mercado ruso

The first button is used to add a specific property to a custom XML which, also, supports Kyero. As you see sharing properties with your collaborators is a click of mouse. But let's talking about what concerns us...

The following one is the “Export to Prian” button and all we have to do to export to http://prian.ru/ is activate it. We would see something like this:

boton exportacion prian.ru en Rusia

Finally, we will add the property type and the location. A location system formed by country, province and city.

As I said it is not necessary to know Russian to export your properties to Russia. With this exportation system you will have it easier than ever to get Russian leads, and exploit the full potential of one of the most interesting markets.

Do you want to get Russian clients and do not know where to start? Start with PRIAN.RU, the largest international portal in Russia. It never has been so easy to work a market like this.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information, we will be very glad to help you. You already know, without obligation :D

See you soon!

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