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Why hire our real estate SEO service?

18 July 2018 |

If you are a real estate agency and you are looking for a company that helps to position your business in the first lists of search engines, trust our real estate SEO service.

  • We help you to have the name of your agency appear both in Google and in other search engines

We know that in the world of the real estate sector clients usually come from different regions and countries. Each one has its customs when it comes to accessing the Internet. For this reason, Mediaelx will work so that in any search engine, your web page can always appear

  • We position your website based on a keyword search criteria

For SEO to take effect, our professionals in Online Marketing will be responsible for doing a study of keywords of your business, in order to meet the objectives.

  • We will create content on a regular basis to help your positioning

In Mediaelx we have a writing team responsible for the periodic preparation of texts, creation of meta-labels, news, etc. We will publish these contents on a regular basis, which will help considerably to the web positioning of your page.

  • We optimize the images to improve the results of your SEO

A website with optimized images and striking photographs, generates an ostensible enrichment to the traffic of your page. You will reduce the loading speed of the web and improve the user experience, among others. Two fundamental aspects for web positioning.


In addition to offering a real estate SEO service, we offer you a SEM service

Mediaelx is not only a specialist in web positioning through its real estate SEO service. We offer positioning through Marketing in search engines (SEM).

We will develop advertising campaigns in those properties or services that you want to highlight from your real estate agency, so that you can increase the traffic of your website and you can receive a greater number of queries.


If you want to know more about our real estate SEO, contact us

If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of our real estate SEO service, you can contact us now and get the information you need.

You can come and meet us in person at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante). In the same way, you can call us, if you prefer, at our customer service phone number: 966 222 989.

Finally, you can send us an email to info@mediaelx.net with your data and questions. We will respond in the shortest time possible.

We offer web solutions for your company

Experts in import and export of XML Feeds and shipment of properties to real estate portals. In Mediaelx we advise you to offer you the most appropriate services for your business.

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