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20 July 2018 |

Mediaelx can now offer its clients and the real estate agents the opportunity to export their properties to Fotocasa, the leading real estate portal in Spain. With this great news, all real estate agencies will have a higher percentage of sale of your second-hand properties or new construction.

If Fotocasa is the quintessential portal for property seekers in the peninsula, it is because buyers and sellers have relied on this intermediary to achieve their objectives. Now, if you are a Mediaelx customer you can have activated in your control panel the option to export your homes to Fotocasa. You will only have to trust our company so that you can show off your homes in it.

In addition, if you bet to export your properties to Fotocasa, you can also present your properties to another important portal in Spain, such as segudamano.es, currently called Vibbo. Exporting to these two great real estate portals, success is at your fingertips.


What other real estate portals does Mediaelx offer you, apart from the export to Fotocasa?

We also offer you the export to Fotocasa, Medielx also has the activations of other important national and foreign real estate portals, such as:

  • Kyero

  • Spainhouses

  • Think Spain

  • Green Acrees

  • Habitaclia

  • Pisos.com

  • Easy peasy

  • Ubiflow

  • Prian

  • Rightmove

  • Zoopla

If in addition to disclosing your resale and new construction properties to Fotocasa, you want to also see one of these well-known real estate portals, Mediaelx fulfills your purposes.


If you want to know more information about export service to Fotocasa, contact us

If the new export service to Fotocasa that Mediaelx can offer you has caught your attention, but you want to obtain more details, you can access them through our phone number or email: 966 222 989 | in info@mediaelx.net

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