Importance of having an online chat on your website Importance of having an online chat on your website

Importance of having an online chat on your website
28 August 2018

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With the main objective of meeting the expectations of our customers, Mediaelx has a live communication system as multiple advantages. At Mediaelx we want you to know the importance of having an online chat on your website. Therefore, we provide you with some of the various features offered by our instant messaging system with the user.

  • Increase in customer satisfaction

The fact that a client accesses your web page and without further ado you see a chat box, it facilitates any action to be able to contact you. Directly, the client can perform their questions and you or your employees can answer them. Thus, the new user will notice that he has been pleased with the increase in satisfaction that this entails.

Also, if you are not connected, the person who enters your website can also contact you through a contact form. The client will send a message, facilitating your mail, and the moment you connect you can answer.

  • Greater likelihood of conversion

The customer who is interested in your products and access your website, seeks immediate attention. Through our live chat you can interact with more than 5 clients simultaneously. The greater the concern for the user, the greater the likelihood of becoming your new customer.

  • Increase in the traffic of your web page

All those users who use online chat, usually surf the web three times. With this fact, you can increase the traffic of your website and improve your SEO (web positioning).


 Have you had an online chat on your website yet?

At Mediaelx we create a personalized website and we include this live communication service. If you already have it but want to install our online chat on your website, Mediaelx opens its doors to you.

You can find us at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante). If you want to know more information about our online chat, you can also call us at 966 222 989 or send us a message to our email info@mediaelx.net.

Direct and instant communication can be your solution

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