Discover the benefits of our new CRM for real estate agencies Discover the benefits of our new CRM for real estate agencies Discover the benefits of our new CRM for real estate agencies

Discover the benefits of our new CRM for real estate agencies
5 September 2018

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After grouping all the requests and needs of our real estate clients, Mediaelx has developed, exclusively, a CRM for real estate agencies. It is a software that will allow the user to manage their properties in a simple, efficient and useful way. In short, a web control panel, designed by and for the property seller.

One of the main novelties of our real estate CRM is the possibility that agents have in being able to organize their website from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the responsive version that Mediaelx has implemented in this CRM, sellers can upload properties or include new information (sold, rented, reserved ...) from the place where they are working.

Another of the many benefits offered by our new real estate software is the possibility of managing tasks, consultations, pending appointments with clients, etc. It is a good communication tool between company - worker | company - client. You will have the opportunity to have your entire working day in a personalized calendar. You can program calls to clients, mailings with properties, newsletter ...


What else does our CRM include for real estate agencies?


  • Option to improve the web positioning of your properties

Nuesto CRM for real estate agencies incorporates different options to improve the SEO of your homes. You can add an optimized description, quality images, videos, flashy headlines, etc.


  • Provision of gateways to the best-known real estate portals

If you want to share your property XML file in different real estate portals, Mediaelx gives you the option to share your properties with just one click. We work with the most popular portals in the national and international scope.


  • Get a CRM adapted to the language you want

Mediaelx you elaborated a web control panel, in the language you want. Thus, if we have several real estate agents who master one language or another, they will be able to work comfortably and adequately. We customize your needs and embody them in customized software.


If you want to know more about our CRM for real estate agencies, contact us

If you need more details of our CRM for real estate agencies, you just have to contact us. You can come and meet our team at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58, 03201 Elche (Alicante).

Call us if you wish to 966 222 989 or send us an email to info@mediaelx.com. We will attend you beautifully and we will make a custom budget without any commitment.

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