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Optimize your photos to the maximum with PhotoSize

9 November 2018 | News

Our SEO optimization company in Elche wants to help the client at all times. On this occasion, Mediaelx provides you with an incredible tool to optimize the photographs of your website to the maximum.

We refer to PhotoSize. This online application allows you to insert all the images you want for later optimization. You will have the opportunity to change sizes to frame the image perfectly, modify names and formats, apply filters...


Why is Photosize important for web positioning?

As we have indicated previously, this online tool allows you a multitude of functions to optimize each of your photographs. As far as SEO is concerned, a well optimized image will always improve the page of your website. But it is also with Photosize you can name, at the moment, each photograph with the corresponding keyword.

Our SEO optimization company in Elche recommends that you use this application whenever you are going to upload several photographs on your website or on your Google My Business listing.

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