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Quality Webpage Template

A quality professional web template designed for Real Estate Agents now at a best price.

LetsINMO takes care of every detail to offer a professional quality website template

A real estate website designed with a professional template that meets all expectations

Quality Web Template

Quality Web Template

Mobile Friendly: Adapted to all Screen Sizes

In LetsINMO we have designed a professional website with a quality template designed primarily for its adaptation to mobile devices: Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, computers, etc.

Our web pages can be viewed in any browser. Therefore, our clients can see your real estate website in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. They are also compatible with Windows or MacOS systems.

Our website is available in two languages: Spanish + English. For Google this means having two different web pages, to which you can optimize your URLs and meta-tags to improve your web positioning in Spain (and Spanish-speaking countries) and in the United Kingdom (and English-speaking countries).

SEO Friendly

It should be noted that all pages designed with LetsINMO quality template are SEO friendly and comply with the standards that Google recommends to enhance its visibility on the Internet, so you can also improve the web positioning of your real estate.



Give a professional and attractive look to your Real Estate Website

The LetsINMO web pages are made with a professional and quality template, which has the necessary characteristics to present the information of your homes in a professional way to your customers.

First of all, you can decide the photographs of your header, that is, the main photographs of your website, as well as what message you want to display and the link to where you want your clients to access by clicking on it.

The appearance of our websites with templates are following the main trends in web design: parallax banner, footer with own design, photo + home text integration, custom colors, contact form ... You can manage and modify the configuration at any time and the most relevant information of your real estate (main photography, slogan, links, etc.).

To improve the user experience, we have designed an intuitive and adaptable property finder for computers and mobile devices. Your clients will access the home they are looking for quickly, helping them save time and effort in their navigation.

We also give you the ability to show featured properties on your home page. You can select yourself what properties you want to highlight and change them whenever you want. In this way, your customers can quickly see the best offers and homes, with a modern design.

Property Listing

Property Listing

List your properties like a Pro:
Detailed, Delightful and Stylist

Our professional website is made with a quality template that offers you the opportunity to present your properties through a list of homes with corporate and eye-catching design.

  • Intuitive property finder set at the top for quick access to it.
  • List of homes ordered according to their value or date of registration on the web.
  • Basic information of each property with icons to improve understanding of the information (bedrooms, bathrooms, pool...)
  • Visualization of property images without having to access to the property page. Carousel photo gallery, for better use on mobile phones.
  • Add to Favorites button, with which your customers can save the properties they like.

You can have a useful property listing, easy to use and above all, designed to improve usability and user experience.

Property Page

Property Page

Manage your property information

The professional website of LetsINMO offers you a complete, personalized and attractive property file. 

  • Carousel photo gallery, with the possibility of enlarging photos and easy to use on mobile devices. In addition, the property photos are optimized and resized automatically.
  • Quick and direct contact form.
  • “Price Drop” button: A registration tool that allows you to automatically notify the customer by email, when the visited property has changed its price. In addition, when a property lowers its price, it is displayed very visually on the website.
  • Description of housing, Features, Location... You can self-manage the property information.
  • Similar properties according to price, area and/or type.
  • Buttons to send the property to a friend by mail, contact by WhatsApp, add to favorites, print information...
  • A4 automatic PDF sheet (personalized with logo and contact)

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Other Sections

Other Sections

Company, Services and General Contact

The LetsINMO Quality Web Template offers you the possibility of managing other sections in which you can offer information about your real estate, such as the Company, About Us, Services and General Contact pages.

  • Company or About Us: On the "Company" page, also known as the "Who we are" or "About us" page you can talk about your business, its history, your employees, your properties, as well as all the information you consider relevant. This section is self-manageable, so you can modify it whenever you want.
  • Services: On the “Services” page you can write the main information about your company's services, such as the notary service, translation of documents, NIE application, residence permit, account banks opening, home marketing, after-sales management, etc. This page is also self-managed, so you can add and remove services whenever you need it.
  • General Contact: The Contact page is a section of vital importance, because thanks to it the client can get in touch with your real estate.
  • This page shows the main contact channels (phone, address, mail, fax ...) of your real estate, as well as a contact form and a direct link to Google Maps.

Our websites comply with the Data Protection Law (GDPR)

With the new European Law on Data Protection (GDPR), websites have had to change in order to comply with it. In Mediaelx we have adapted our websites so you do not have to worry about anything.  In addition, the web pages include the SSL Security Certificate.

Quality web template

100% Mobile Friendly

2 languages: English and Spanish

SEO Friendly

Intuitive property finder

Self-managed sections

A4 Auto PDF tabs

Contact forms

SSL Security Certificate

Adapted to the GDPR

Featured Properties

Automatic Currency Converter

Mortgage Calculator

Sign up for the Newsletter

Online Chat

WhatsApp Contact

Responsive Design

Accessible from anywhere

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More information about Real Estate CRM

More information about Real Estate CRM

If you liked the LetsINMO web template, you will love our real estate management software. Our Real Estate CRM allows you to manage all the tasks of your real estate, such as the management of property information, the property exportation to real estate portals, Newsletters, your meeting and call schedules ... A real estate software with everything you need, which you can use from any computer, tablet or mobile.

From LetsINMO Real Estate CRM you can manage:

  • All the information of your properties 
  • Sending properties to real estate portals 
  • Your customers: buyers, sellers and potential customers
  • Exportation of properties to collaborators
  • Calendars of meetings, visits and calls
  • Publication of News in the Blog
  • Newsletters
  • Web content modification
  • Featured Properties
  • Photographs and videos
  • and much more!

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