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Personalized and self-managed websites

Personalized and self-managed websites

We offer you a personalized design that will cover your needs.

Manage your products or services yourself

Manage your products or services yourself

You can add, modify or delete photographs, description and everything necessary.

Write your own blog or news section

Write your own blog or news section

Share the news of your business with your customers through an easy to manage blog.

Websites in Valencian

In our company we design all kinds of web pages in Valencian so that your company can offer its Valencian-speaking clients a web page adapted to their language. At Mediaelx-LetsINMO we are specialized in personalized web design, which means that all our projects are our own and independent.

In this way, your website in Valencian will be unique and differentiating . By offering a personalized website, you will improve communication with the client and help the user to easily remember your company. In a world where competition is so high, small details can be the key to success; and Mediaelx-LetsINMO helps you to do so.

Our company uses a professional language change system with which your clients can find out your business information with one click. By hiring a multi-language website with Mediaelx-LetsINMO, your project can include all the languages that are necessary for you, in addition to Valencian : English, German, Finnish, Chinese, Dutch ...

All our personalized web pages in Valencian are self-managed . Our team will take care of getting everything ready so that you can manage your new website in Valencian in a simple, fast and useful way. Our control panels are also multi-language.

We design web pages in Valencian along with personalized and self-manageable internal panels

As we have previously advanced, all our web pages in Valencian are self-managed. To improve the management of your services and products, we offer you an internal control panel with the main functionalities in corporate web design:

  • Task creator, customer calls and pending appointments
  • Calendar with visualization of tasks, calls or appointments scheduled or made
  • Complete database of customers and products
  • Optimized customer registration system
  • Newsletter sending
  • Automatic responses to inquiries received
  • User levels
  • And much more

If the web page in Valencian that you want to have is for a real estate agency, our control panel also incorporates a system for importing collaborators and exporting properties to real estate portals by XML. Your properties will be shared in those portals registered with a single click.

The most important of all is that both our multi-language web page designs and our control panels have their own responsive version, so you can manage your website from any Smartphone, Tablet or laptop. At Mediaelx-LetsINMO we think about offering the best user experience for our clients and yours.

Mediaelx-LetsINMO, the expert in Valencian web pages you were looking for

Do you want to discover all the news that our web page designs in Valencian incorporate? Get in touch with us and discover them. You can fill out the contact form on our website or, failing that, call us at +34 966 222 989 or send us an email to info@mediaelx.net

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