Discover Villas Blanca, the latest innovative web project by Mediaelx Discover Villas Blanca, the latest innovative web project by Mediaelx

Discover Villas Blanca, the latest innovative web project by Mediaelx
21 February 2019

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In Mediaelx we work with the most innovative tools in real estate web design, but at the same time, we are constantly attentive to the latest trends in web programming.

With Villas Blanca, we wanted to show this adaptation by creating an innovative online web project. If you access your home page you can check the latest features in web design for real estate that Mediaelx can develop.

  • Different web format. Always thinking about personalization and customer preferences, Mediaelx has developed a website different from others that can be seen on the Internet. A more usable, attractive and modern web.
  • Elaborate design. The contents that can be seen on the website have been created through an innovative and elaborate design. An original and professional way to present a real estate website.
  • Video in the 'Home'. To achieve a different web model, Mediaelx has inserted an introductory video of the real estate, on the main page of the web. The audiovisual document includes panoramic images, in 360 degrees and shows the main characteristics of its properties and areas of the Costa Blanca.

 Discover Villas Blanca, the latest innovative web project by Mediaelx 

Did you know that Mediaelx is an expert in real estate websites?

If you take a look at the Villas Blanca website, you can see that Mediaelx is an expert in designing and developing personalized real estate websites. Each project we develop for real estate agents is different and independent.

With a real estate CRM, we help the real estate agent to manage their website more simply and intuitively. We develop customized web projects, where the agent can share their properties to real estate portals, export and import homes, schedule appointments with clients, have a personalized work calendar ...

All with a web adapted to mobile devices!

Bet on Mediaelx to have a professional, innovative and modern website

If you want to have a professional and modern website, get in touch with our web design company in Costa Blanca. You can find us by:

  • Address. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Street, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante)
  • Phone. +34 966 222 989
  • Email: info@mediaelx.net

Choose the contact method that suits you best. Our professionals will attend you superbly in each of the different communication channels.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paginaswebprofesionales


Twitter: https://twitter.com/mediaelxweb

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