5 reasons to go to our company of professional web pages 5 reasons to go to our company of professional web pages 5 reasons to go to our company of professional web pages

5 reasons to go to our company of professional web pages
7 March 2019

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Mediaelx offers you a set of services so you can enjoy a professional web page that suits you. If you are looking for a website company in Elche, we can help you:

  • 1. Specialists in real estate websites

At Mediaelx we design and develop all kinds of professional websites. However, we are specialized in the real estate sector. We have a wide portfolio of real estate agencies that have trusted our service. If you are a real estate agent, we can create a modern and personalized website.

  • 2. Real estate CRM

Within our specialization, Mediaelx has designed a real estate softwareto manage the web in a more professional way. As we know in detail the needs of a real estate agent, we have created a control panel that facilitates the day to day of each of them. Schedule appointments with clients, add real estate, export properties, manage queries from portals ... A whole range of functionalities that will help save you time and effort.

  • 3. Experts in online store development

As we have said, Mediaelx can develop any type of professional website, including an E-Commerce. With our online store design you will have the opportunity to present your products to the world through a web adapted to your needs.

  • 4. Online Marketing Department

Our website company in Elche has an Online Marketing department that provides services to any company that needs to improve its visibility on the Internet. We specialize in real estate SEO, so we know all the necessary strategies to improve the positioning of a real estate website. More info at: https://mediaelx.net/en/web-seo/real-estate-seo/

  • 5. Web pages adapted to mobile devices

There are many professional websites that are losing sales opportunities because they do not have an online project with responsive design. When we create a website in Mediaelx, we think about adapting to any mobile device. You will improve the user experience and you will have more possibilities to convert that user into a final client.

Mediaelx can become your web consulting company

At Mediaelx we do not abandon the client once the work is done. Our work does not end when we deliver a website. We care about customer satisfaction even when you are already enjoying your professional project.

More than maintaining a business-client relationship, we like to go further. We take care of advising the client at all times and providing any solution to a problem that has arisen.

We care about improving our clients' websites on a daily basis.

Do you need a professional website? Do not hesitate to contact us

If you want to professionalize your business through a personalized and self-managed website, come to Mediaelx. We are waiting for you at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante).

Our contact telephone number is +34 966 222 989 and our emailinfo@mediaelx.net

Before saying goodbye, we would like you to follow our news through social networks. We wait for you at:

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