10 tips to improve the relationship between real estate and foreign buyers 10 tips to improve the relationship between real estate and foreign buyers 10 tips to improve the relationship between real estate and foreign buyers

10 tips to improve the relationship between real estate and foreign buyers
6 June 2019

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The Costa Blanca (Alicante) and the Costa Cálida (Murcia) are two of the main areas most in demand by international buyers to buy a home. Mediaelx provides you with 10 recommendations that your estate agent should take into account to attract the attention of foreign buyers and to empathize with each of them, from the first moment.

  • 1. Do not publish properties to publish

If you think you have homes for sale that do not fit into the prototype of a foreign client, it is advisable not to market it.

  • 2. Help your client to streamline sales processes

Many of those interested in their properties are not aware of the different administrative processes involved in making a purchase. Store your hand to your client, inform him and help him save time and effort in all the documentation.

  • 3. Guarantee safety

If there is something that national and international buyers share when deciding on a home or another is the security system that incorporates the property and the level of crime that may be in the vicinity. Find out about the level of protection that links your homes and transmit that security to your customers.

  • 4. Empathize with your client from the first contact

If you want your agency to cause a good sense of professionalism, recommend your estate agents to listen to their clients and care about their well-being from the first contact. Offer a home that fits the lifestyle of each of your potential buyers.

  • 5. Talk about the weather conditions of your areas

One of the main reasons why the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida are two areas where a high percentage of foreigners live is because of the sun. Write a post on your blog related to the weather in Spain or talk to your customers about sunny hours in the area where you are going to buy a property.

  • 6. Professional customer service

Encourage your customers or potentials to ask any question that may cause stress on your trip to another country. Activate on your website a section where a guide with information on how to buy a property on the Costas Blanca or Costa Cálida is offered.

  • 7. Document yourself about the real estate market data

Not all customers seek the same property model, nor the same price. Keep an eye on the real estate market data on the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida to ensure the economic viability of the area your client is seeing.

  • 8. Offer housing that allows contact with family and friends

When an international family decides to move to Spain to live or to spend a long vacation, you need to be in touch with your loved ones. Dispose of properties for sale that have quick connection to airports or areas where coverage is not a problem.

  • 9. Report on health services in Spain

Help your clients understand how the medical system works in Spain. Inform them of the nearest pharmacies or hospitals so that when the time comes to need medical help, they can meet your needs.

  • 10. Help create harmony in your real estate agency

If your real estate keeps a good relationship between colleagues, then that harmony will be transmitted to the client. Help generate positivism in your real estate.

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