How to convince the British client to invest in a property in Spain during the Brexit? How to convince the British client to invest in a property in Spain during the Brexit?

How to convince the British client to invest in a property in Spain during the Brexit?
13 June 2019

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The process of leaving the United Kingdom of the European Union continues to elongate and generating doubts to all British people who want to buy property in Spain. The recorded sales data is not negative, but its consequences are helping to increase a high percentage of reluctant buyers to invest in the country.

In Mediaelx we recommend our real estate clients two ways to act in the face of the uncertainty and distrust of the users interested in housing in Spain.

  • Report on the strength of the Spanish real estate market

Buyers want to check the behavior of the real estate market before making a purchase. If you feel that the real estate agent that is treating you, dominates the field and knows the latest reports of recorded results, a security relationship will be forged that did not exist before.

  • Recommend smart protection in currency exchange

One of the main concerns of the British in the Brexit, is the possible fall in the value of the pound. If a buyer is in the middle of a sale process and the monetary value declines, it is very likely that he can not afford to buy the home he agreed upon at the time.

Given this situation, it is advisable to reassure customers by offering them an advance contract. The exchange rates would be blocked for a year, thus reducing the (momentary) risk of a pound drop.

Having a professional financial advisor can help the client move from uneasiness to safety.

How to convince the British client to invest in a property in Spain during the Brexit?

Do you know that a professional real estate website can help invest in a property in Spain in the middle of Brexit?

For a real estate agency to have an expert team in the real estate sector in the United Kingdom is very important when it comes to generating confidence in the midst of Brexit. Having a professional real estate website focused on the British market is also.

If you have a real estate company dedicated to the sale of properties on the Costa Blanca (Alicante) or Costa Cálida (Murcia) and focused on the Anglo-Saxon sector, Mediaelx can help you to transmit confidence and professionalism to your English clients.

We are specialists in web design and real estate CRM . We do not use any standard template to make our designs . Everything we do personalized and own . We mold the needs of the client in a customized web page.

Export your properties to real estate portals with one click, manage leads easily, program calls or appointments with clients, enjoy a modern and advanced property search ...

If you want to present your properties in a modern, intuitive and striking web page , Mediaelx is your trusted company.

How to contact our real estate website company?

If you want to earn the trust of your British clients through a professional real estate website, do not hesitate to contact us. You can find us at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante).

Our telephone and customer service mail is +34 966 222 989 and info@mediaelx.net

You can also locate Mediaelx through social networks. Follow us on!:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paginaswebprofesionales

Twitter : https://twitter.com/mediaelxweb

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