Latest trends in Real Estate Marketing Latest trends in Real Estate Marketing Latest trends in Real Estate Marketing

Latest trends in Real Estate Marketing
1 August 2019

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The future of real estate marketing is already the present. Trends in housing development grow by leaps and bounds and there is less and less settlement time. When you adapt to a new idea, another is already appearing that causes more sensation among buyers and sellers.

Mediaelx gives you some of the main trends in real estate marketing:

  • Website with responsive .

It seems obvious but there are still many real estate websites that do not have their websites adapted to mobile devices. Most searches come through phones or tablets, so your own responsive design is required.

That a user can see a home of interest and can request more information at the moment, is essential to capture the attention of potential customers.

At Mediaelx, all our web designs and developments have their own adaptation to devices.

  • Virtual reality.

Virtual reality is another of the fashions that have been put into housing development. A good way to turn that customer into a buyer is by inviting him to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the interested house, from the same office.

In this way, the client knows the qualities of real estate and housing at the same time.

  • Matterport.

Matterport is the current technology in virtual 3D tours. With this innovative camera you can save time and effort on visits to real estate. In addition, you can meet the demand of many more customers and provide each of them with a unique experience.

Another advantage of using this real estate marketing tool is that 3D virtual tours can be done from any mobile device: smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

  • Virtual Home Staging.

Many real estate agencies have also adapted the technology in the staging of a property. With virtual Home Staging you can furnish an entire empty home or part of it, virtually.

You will optimize the time and in addition, the house will generate greater attraction. The best of this trend: its low cost and the value it adds to the property.

If you want to have a modern website where the user can enjoy these trends in real estate marketing, contact Mediaelx

As specialists in the real estate sector, Mediaelx knows perfectly the latest developments in web design and development. If you have a real estate agency in Costa Blanca or Costa Cálida and want to enjoy and make your clients enjoy a modern and attractive website, contact us. We will make you a customized budget!

To contact us by phone, just dial +34 966 222 989. If you prefer to write us an email, send your email to info@mediaelx.net

Our website company in Elche is located at Calle Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, 58 03201 Elche (Alicante). Come visit us and discover how we can improve the presence of your real estate on the Internet.

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